Look No Further! Here Are The Best Backpack for Traveling Moms

Look No Further! Here Are The Best Backpack for Traveling Moms

Owing to the Y chromosome that’s casually existing in my body, it doesn’t seem as though I’ll ever get the chance to experience the blessings of being a mother. However, while it doesn’t quite compare, it’s still relatively safe to say that, next to the joys of motherhood, another excellently rewarding experience is traveling.

Whether you’re doing it for business or pleasure, alone or with the kids, it can be quite an adventure. Among others, it allows you to experience a beautiful world different from the one you are accustomed to.

Sadly, this can quickly become a nightmare if you are not properly equipped with one of the most important traveling essentials – a travel backpack. Knowing that, I can’t just “mind my business.” Thus, in this article, I’ll be guiding you through the basics of traveling backpacks alongside a list of seven backpacks to choose from. In the end, I can bet that you’ll know which the best backpack for traveling moms is.

Top Three Picks

There are tons of fashionable travel backpacks that are equally functional. However, like every other product across every industry, some are particularly exceptional. They pretty much leave everyone else in the dust. Here are the top three backpacks for me:

1. SWISSGEAR 1900 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

This is the best backpack for travelling moms. The peculiar thing about this backpack is its TSA-approved lay-flat technology. With it, you can get past airport security with a relative amount of ease. Alongside that, it is very durable and comfortable.

2. AmazonBasics Laptop Computer Backpack

This backpack offers you a selection of multiple compartments. The good thing about this is that it helps you to keep your things neatly organized. While traveling, this is essential.

3. Eagle Creek Global Companion Women’s Ergonomic Travel Backpack

It is one of the biggest backpacks in the market. However, it puts you as a female into consideration in its design. It is big enough to accommodate your extra luggage, and it looks pretty darn good too. 

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What are the things to look out for when getting a travel backpack?

More often than you’ll think, I get questions from people like “what’s the best travel backpack?” or “how do I choose a travel backpack?” The truth is that the answers to those questions lie in the features of a backpack. Before eventually settling on which bag will serve as your companion, you need to make sure that they check off a few requirements. Among others, here are a few things that you should look out for when you are getting a travel backpack:

1. Size

This is at the very top of the list because it is pretty much the most important. If your bag is too small, you’ll hardly be able to fit anything into it. It doesn’t matter whether you are taking the kids along with you. On the other hand, if your backpack is too big, you’ll have a lot of excess weight, and you might even be damaging your posture. This is mainly because with a big backpack, you’ll pack more, and you’re likely to exceed the 10%-20% weight requirement.

As such, you need to consider the backpack carefully. You must ensure that it is the right size for the number of things you want to put inside. I’d advise that you go for a backpack between 40-60cl carrying capacity. It is still largely at your discretion. Your decision will mostly be based on your carrying power and the available luggage. However, this range should be able to accommodate whatever you want. Alongside that, it wouldn’t tempt you to start packing for an unlikely end-of-the-world event.

2. Pockets and compartments

You cannot ignore this part if you are looking for the best backpack for traveling moms. Pockets and compartments help you to organize your luggage properly. In addition, they help to keep things within reach.

For example, a properly padded and well-sized laptop compartment helps you to distribute weight evenly. It does so by keeping your laptop closer to your body. Alongside that, it is a lot more convenient and much safer than just leaving your laptop hanging there. Additionally, pockets in the right places can be lifesavers when trying to check into the airport. Imagine standing there with the official holding out their hand, and you’re still shuffling around, looking for your passport. Yeah, not a pretty sight.

So, you’ll definitely want your backpack to come with a satisfying number of compartments and pockets.

3. Padding

This is what you need to look out for if you are going for comfort. If you are traveling, you’ll probably have to carry your backpack for a significant amount of time. This could either be a breeze or a living hell for you. So, you should get a backpack that is well padded in all the right places.

The first parts to look out for are the shoulder straps. These parts of the backpack would be bearing down significantly on your shoulders throughout the trip. As such, you should make sure that they are well-padded. In addition to that, they should assume the right shape. That is, they should curve outward at your neck and back inward at your chest. This S-shape helps to take unnecessary pressure from your neck.

The second part to check for padding is the back panel. In addition to being padded for comfort, it should have a contoured shape. A backpack with a contoured back panel provides maximum comfort for the natural arch of your back. 

The third part you should check is the hip belt. Considering that most of the weight you’ll carry will bear down your hips, this is more of a necessity than an option. These three sections are very important. Trust me, the last thing you want is to be dealing with back pain.

4. Lockable zippers

I’d like to imagine the world as a totally awesome place filled with rainbows and sunshine. Sadly, there are still a couple of loose screws out there. Now, it is not very likely that some random person would want to swipe your neatly packed underwear from your backpack. However, it is not uncommon either for someone at the airport to slip something bad into it. Alongside that, you might dabble in photography. If so, you are most likely carrying some expensive gear with you. That’s enough motivation for a miscreant. 

So, for security, you should ensure that your backpack has zippers that you can pull together and lock. That way, even if your backpack is left unattended for a while, it’ll still be pretty safe. If you feel that’s not enough to deter criminals, you can always go for alternative security measures.

5. Internal frame

The best travel backpack for Europe in the ‘70s had external frames. It was functional but bulky and esthetically unappealing. Now, if you’re more inclined towards a designer mom backpack, there’s almost no chance of you going for a backpack with an external frame. Regardless, it is worthy of note that your backpack should have an internal frame. It does its job of supporting weight very well and looks pretty darn good while doing it.

What are the best backpacks for travelling moms?

Now that you have comprehensive knowledge to guide your backpack decision-making process let us move on to the best backpack for you. Now, keep in mind that there are a lot of traveling backpacks in the marker. However, these six are among the top tiers.

1. SWISSGEAR 1900 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack (best for lay-flat tech.)

With SWISSGEAR’s being the producer of this backpack, there really aren’t a lot of your expectations that they cannot meet. This is one of the best backpacks you can buy for yourself if you are looking for something to travel with.

First and foremost, the backpack is very durable. With a durable 1200D ballistic polyester material that’s water-resistant, SWISSGEAR really spared no cost in ensuring this backpack’s durability. As a result, you can count on the backpack when you’re on a particularly rough trip or when your four-year-old lays his/her hands on it.

Additionally, it comes with just the right number of compartments for you to keep your luggage. There are spaces for your mobile phone, iPad, notebooks, and whatever else you want to put in there. This makes it pretty great for a business trip.

Apart from these, this backpack is pretty comfortable to carry around. With its padded shoulder straps and back along with the airflow technology, it does leave room to complain about much.

All of these are great. However, one of its most unique features is the TSA-approved lay-flat technology department. Simply put, it helps you to get scanned without having to pull out your laptop.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 8.5 x 18.5 x 13.5 inches

Weight: 3.09 pounds



Final Thoughts

Considering all its features, this might just be the best travel backpack, 2020. It is definitely a great choice if you need a bit of assistance with organizing your belongings.

2. AmazonBasics Laptop Computer Backpack (best number of compartments)

Coming in at the second position on our list is a backpack from Amazon itself. It offers myriads of features that go a long way in making your trip as easy as it can be.

Besides carrying your luggage, one of its foremost functions is to protect your laptop. Carrying around a laptop throughout a journey is always a bit of a risk. You never know when just the right amount of force will hit your screen. This backpack guards you against that ordeal by coming with a padded sleeve for your laptop.

As if to add icing to the already sweetened cake, this backpack is just as comfortable as it is functional. It has wide and well-padded shoulder straps. Additionally, its shoulder straps fulfill the requirement for width by being at least three fingers wide. 

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 13.39 x 7 x 19.29 inches

Weight: 1.98 pounds



Final Thoughts

This backpack is another that has a lot to offer its users. Its peculiarity lies in the number of compartments it has. These compartments are awesome for keeping documents, among others, making it the best business travel backpack.

3. Targus XL Travel and Business Backpack (best for multifunctionality)

This travel backpack comes with two different functions. Some might go so far as to call it double trouble. However, the fact remains that this backpack can serve you, whether you are traveling through the country or just going to work. How? Let’s see.

For starters, it has a sleek and well-planned design. This goes a long way in making it the best travel backpack for men <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>and women, too. While providing sweet and exquisite looks, the backpack does not sacrifice comfort in any way. It has shoulder straps that are just wide enough for you. Alongside that, they fulfill the S-shape requirement. To top everything off, they are well-padded for comfort when carrying them around.

This backpack can fit laptops that are around 17 inches. In addition to providing you with side pockets to keep your water bottle, the company provides something extra. The side pockets are lined with protective material. So, if you choose to keep your glasses, for example, inside the side pocket, it would be safe.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 9

Weight: 2.73 pounds



Final Thoughts

The Targus Backpack comes bearing a lot of gifts and possibilities. If you need something that will serve you well on your trip and as a professional, you should get it. However, there is no guarantee that it protects your luggage from water.

4. Targus Compact Rolling Business and Travel Commuter Backpack (Best for ease of movement)

One of the main things that you have to applaud this backpack for is its duality of movement styles. More often than not, during a trip, you’ll get tired. In times like that, small things to give you relief are priceless, and you really don’t want to carry a backpack. 

This backpack comes with rollers and a handle to provide you that bit of extra comfort. That way, when you need to, you can always pull the backpack behind you. Of course, you’ll still assume the carrying position when on rough roads or staircases. Still, this option can be a lifesaver.

In addition to this, this backpack comes with an elastic strap that helps to keep your clothes in place. So, when you fold those cute tops neatly at the back, they stay folded throughout your trip. In addition, it has a sleeve for 16-inch laptops and provides ample protection for it.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 13.8 x 9 x 19 inches

Weight: 4 pounds



Final Thoughts

My conclusion on this backpack is pretty obvious. If you are looking for something small and useful for those extra long hours, on the road, this is for you. 

5. JanSport Hatchet Travel Backpack (Best for adjustable sternum strap)

This brand is one of my favorites when it comes to backpacks. This is so because you almost always know that you’ll get the value for your money. Now, it might not necessarily be the overall best backpack for traveling moms. However, it still makes my top six. Here’s why.

It helps you to organize your belongings properly with a laptop sleeve and various other compartments. It has a sternum strap that you can easily adjust. This adds a bit more stability as it keeps the weight closer to your center.

To make it even better, the manufacturers promise to fix your backpack if anything goes wrong with it. That pretty much closes the deal for me.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 18 inches

Weight: 1.32 pounds



Final Thoughts

Considering its size, I would say that you should go for this backpack if you’re looking for something to help with your shorter trips. However, with a bigger laptop and lengthier travel durations, you’d want something bigger.

6. Eagle Creek Global Companion Women’s Ergonomic Travel Backpack (Best feminine design)

As soon as you get a hold of this backpack, you’ll notice the handle on the side. That in itself is a great attempt at functionality as it helps you to carry the backpack more conveniently. Also, the backpack provides organizational help with its compartments. Even if you are looking for something big, you can rest assured that this 65l backpack has got you covered.

Besides, the easiest thing to notice about this backpack is that it was specifically designed for women. Its shoulder straps are narrower, and its hip belt is tilted to suit the physiology of a female user. To top it all off, it has sternum straps that you can always use to balance the weight distribution while carrying this backpack.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 13.25 x 26 x 12.25 inches

Weight: 5 pounds



Final Thoughts

There aren’t a lot of reasons not to be excited about this backpack. If you’ve always wanted something spacious, good-looking, and functional, you’ve probably found the best backpack for travelling moms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the most comfortable backpack?

For a backpack to earn the tag of “most comfortable, it has to fulfill a few conditions. Firstly, it has to be able to be designed in such a way that it helps to distribute weight evenly. Secondly, it must be well-padded at the hip belt, back panel, and shoulder straps. Also, the backpack should be made of the right material. It should not scratch or inconvenience the skin when in use. Only after meeting these can it become the most comfortable and the best backpack for traveling moms. 

Q2: What should be my backpack carrying capacity?

This depends entirely on you, how much luggage you want to bring, and how much you can carry. If you are traveling between countries, you can get a 50l backpack. For trips that require camping gear or other things of that sort, you can go for 60l. Just ensure you take your body into proper consideration. Of all the extra weight that you do not want going straight to your hips, this is the worst.

Q3: What is the best backpack for traveling on airplane?

Unlike traveling by road, air travel involves a few more steps. Most of them lean in the directions of safety and security. For airplane travel, I would recommend the SWISSGEAR 1900 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack. It is especially useful for its lay-flat technology. Regardless of which bag you end up choosing, though, you must ensure that it at least has easily accessible pockets. That way, you can always pull out whatever you have to whenever the need arises.

In conclusion

By all means, choosing a backpack is a decision that you should make carefully. However, it doesn’t have to be so hard that it starts comparing to that one time you were trying to decide on which school is the best for your kid. With this article, I’m pretty sure you’re a lot less confused about which is the best backpack for traveling moms. In that case, I have only one thing to say to you – safe travels!