7 Best One-Strap Backpacks of 2020 That Won’t Hurt Your Back: Reviews & Buying Guide

7 Best One-Strap Backpacks of 2020 That Won’t Hurt Your Back: Reviews & Buying Guide

Since you’ll always have a place to go, you’ll always need something to carry your luggage. Some prefer that “something” to be a regular shoulder backpack. Others, however, like the good ol’ fashioned one-strap backpack.

We can attribute the preference for a single strap backpack to many things. One of the reasons people love the shoulder backpack is its comfort. Unlike regular backpacks, a backpack with one strap doesn’t slip off so easily. Additionally, these backpacks take some pressure off your shoulders. This is because your hips and back are the primary supporters of the backpacks’ weight.

Here, we’ll give you all the necessary information about the one-strap backpack. Also, we’ll recommend a few 1-strap backpacks from Amazon. 

Our Top 3 Picks

In our guide to buyingone-strap backpack sling bag, we’ll list seven backpacks with the single strap design. For more options, skip to the main content. However, you might still have trouble deciding which sling backpack is the best. As such, here are the top three sling bags.

1. Waterfly Crossbody Sling Backpack (Best overall sling-style backpack): This is our very first choice on Amazon. The backpack, one strap style, has multiple compartments, an adjustable arm strap, and water resistance. What more could you want from 1-strap backpacks?

2. Pioneeryao 19″ Sling Bag (Best for reflective patches): This single strap backpack is water-resistant. The backpack comes with a main compartment and several minor storages. Finally, the Pioneeryao single strap backpack, sling-styled, has a special anti-theft pocket.

3. Leaper Retro Messenger Bag (Best design): Our third bag/chest pack is a single strap backpack on Amazon. This shoulder backpack looks good and is a very durable bag/backpack for different purposes.

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What is the best one-strap backpack for your use?

Many believe their single strap backpack to be the best in the community of those who produce sling bags. So, they often market their sling backpacks that way.

To save you the stress of going through heaps of low-quality sling backpacks on Amazon, we’ve compiled seven of the best single strap backpacks. Some of them are one-size backpacks. Others aren’t. They are:

1. Waterfly Crossbody Sling Backpack (Best overall sling-style backpack)

Our first one-strap backpack is the Waterfly Crossbody Sling Backpack. This nice-looking sling bag isn’t short on excellent qualities.

For starters, this single strap backpack has multiple compartments. They help you keep your belongings organized. There is also a buckle bag, a front zipper bag, and a zipper closure/zipper pouch on this sling backpack. They help store your gadgets. 

Within the main compartment in this sling backpack, there are several small compartments. These might be useful if you carry around makeup, keys, tissue, etc. Additionally, this sling shoulder backpack has a water bottle holder. So, it is an excellent bag for men, women, and athletes.

Despite all these, this Waterfly crossbody backpack has more characteristics. They include a hidden earphone hole, an adjustable strap, and durable material.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 7 x 3.5 x 15 inches

Material: Nylon

Water-Resistance: Yes

Denier Polyester: No

Key Features

1. Water-resistant material: The nylon fabric protects your valuables from liquids.

2. A hidden hole for earphones: This rucksack has a hole in front through which you can plug your earphones into your mobile device for convenience. 

3. Adjustable strap: You can reverse the arm to suit your left or right-handed needs.

4. After-sales guarantee: If you have issues after purchase, you can contact the company with your order ID. They’ll address the issues in a day.



Final Thoughts

This one-shoulder pack/backpack is excellent if you need a casual single strap backpack to get your items around in style. Of course, you can always select the black one on Amazon. 

However, you might be looking for a slightly bigger backpack to pack large laptops. In that case, you should keep scrolling through our list of bags.

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2. Pioneeryao 19″ Sling Bag (Best for reflective patches)

This is another interesting crossbody bag – or messenger bag – that might be great if you’re a one-strap backpack user. The first interesting characteristic is the numerous compartments for users to pack multiple items. There are three different zipper pockets and a water bottle space. This isn’t common in all bags.

This messenger bag or crossbody sling bag has an anti-theft pocket. The little pocket stores your valuables securely. These include your cell phone, credit cards, and raw cash, etc. 

There is also a set of reflective patches on the lower side of this one-shoulder sling bag. The reflective patches on bags like this reflect the surrounding light. Night drivers would easily spot the reflected light on your crossbody sling/shoulder bag and avoid hitting you.

Finally, the strap on this crossbody sling/shoulder bag is adjustable. So, left/right-handed people can easily use Pioneeryao messenger bags.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 11.5 x 5 x 18 inches

Weight: 1 pound

Water Resistance: Yes

Material: Nylon

Key Features

1. Water resistance: The nylon fabric helps to keep valuables dry. 

2. Adjustable two-way shoulder strap: You can adjust the shoulder strap to suit you whether you’re left/right-handed.

3. Reflective patches for maintaining safety at night: The purpose of a reflective patch is for light to bounce off it. It helps to warn oncoming vehicles that of your presence. This will help prevent accidents.

4. Lightweight: With just about one pound in total weight, this backpack is light and easy to carry around.



Final Thoughts

The Pioneeryao 19″ sling bag is a one-shoulder messenger bag designed to provide much satisfaction. This is evident in the lightweight design and multiple useful attributes. If you’re looking for a casual and small one-shoulder backpack, you might be lucky. But, you’ll need a bigger bag for your laptop. Not to worry, though. We still have a few more bags from Amazon.

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3. Leaper Retro Messenger Bag (Best design)

Leaper has been making high-quality sling bags/1-strap backpacks for 15+ years. This one-strap backpack is another addition to their repertoire. The Leaper Retro Messenger Bag has noteworthy qualities that make it a fan-favorite on Amazon. At least, in the world of strap backpacks

The first is its soft yet durable material. The shoulder backpack/single strap sling pack is made of washed canvas. While it isn’t a leather backpack from Roma leathers, this canvas sling bag has some leather decorations. These significantly beautify the retro messenger bag. Another thing that makes this canvas sling bag attractive is the vintage design.

This messenger bag is compact yet excellent for casual trips. Also, there are multiple zippered compartments for securing your items in the single strap shoulder bag

Finally, this canvas sling bag/sling backpack is suitable for men, women, and children. 

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 10.2 x 13.6 x 4.4 inches

Weight: 810g 

Material: Washed canvas

Key Features

1. Durable and soft canvas material: Unlike most others that are made of leather or nylon, this one is made of washed canvas. It is firm enough to hold together.

2. Unisex: The bag fits both men and women excellently. 

3. Attractive vintage design: With nice color-mixtures, leather decorations, and old-school buckles, this backpack resembles an aesthetic throwback. 



Final Thoughts

This vintage-style single strap backpack/canvas bag is perfect if you like excellent designs and compactness. It’s also durable and functional enough for everyday life. If having all these in a sling pack is your choice, you should head over to Amazon. 

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4. Piscifun Fishing Tackle Storage Bag (Best for water resistance)

Next is the Piscifun one-strap shoulder backpack. Many users love this crossbody bag/sling backpack for several reasons.

The water-resistant feature of the shoulder backpack complements the durability. The Piscifun fishing bag won’t really be much of a fishing backpack if water damaged its pockets’ contents. As such, the sling backpack is made of high-density nylon material. For durability, the shoulder backpacks’ zippers and buckles are high-quality and abrasion-resistant.

The bag is also multifunctional. This is evident in its abundance of compartments and pockets. These extra pockets are useful to pack different fishing gear.

The fan-favorite qualities of this day bag/shoulder pack are impressive. But, outside that, the single strap backpack has adjustable straps and a unique design. So, it’s useful for fishing, and even playing sports outdoors. 

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 11.8 x 8.3 x 3.9 inches

Water Repellant: Yes

Key Features

1. Water resistance: This product is made of water-resisting nylon fabrics. So, it provides some protection from splashes.

2. Durability: The bag’s nylon fabrics are 1000D high-density texture with abrasion resistance and indestructible buckles.

3. Multiple compartments: The main pouch has three components for proper organization. There are also five pouches on the outside. Three of them are zippered and the remaining two hold your water bottle and other tools. 



Final Thoughts

As long as you need to move tools around, you might find this high-quality sling bag/chest backpack useful. Some complain of insufficient shoulder padding. But, seeing as you won’t be hauling the backpack around every day, that’s manageable. As such, you can head over to Amazon to pick your choice. 

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5. OutdoorMaster Sling Bag (Best for security)

Our fifth product is the OutdoorMaster Sling Bag. This backpack comes with the manufacturers’ guarantee of 100% satisfaction.

The backpack is compact but spacious. Essentially, while this sling bag/backpack is small, it still gives you a reasonable amount of pockets to pack all your essential items in your sling bag/backpack – purse and pet supplies included.

This sling/chest bag has room for a cell phone, a camera, clothing, shoes, or even a small laptop. If you’re a photographer or blogger, this chest/shoulder bag is pretty good.

Additionally, the bag is easy to carry around. We can credit this to the lightweight and sturdy production material. As such, an OutdoorMaster Sling Bag, small or big, can last for a significant period. Another good quality is its hidden anti-theft pocket. Here, you can keep different valuable items. This makes it an excellent option for a travel bag.

Finally, this sling chest pack comes with adjustable shoulder straps. That means it’s great for left/right-handed since the adjustment is your choice. 

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 11.8 x 4 x 17.7 inches

Weight: 1 pound

Key Features

1. Hidden anti-theft pocket: Apart from the numerous pouches, there is a hidden security pouch for storing valuables.

2. Lightweight and compact design: At just about 1 pound in weight, this backpack weighs less than four medium-sized bananas.

3. Spacious: There’s a significant amount of space in the main pouch. Within, you can store anything a regular daypack can carry.

4. Adjustable shoulder strap: You can adjust the arm’s length easily. Additionally, you can switch it from left to right, depending on which of your hands is dominant.



Final Thoughts

Some say this is the best sling bag/small crossbody backpack. It caters to you if you travel often with pet supplies or just take casual trips.  Of course, it might not be one of the best travel backpacks. But, considering the durability, the OutdoorMaster Sling Bag, small or big, isn’t one of the worst bags for you. In that case, a trip to Amazon might be a good choice.

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6. G4Free Sling Bag (Best multifunctional bag)

This backpack has a practical design that supports minimalism. However, it can still hold a water bottle, iPad mini, purse, etc.

The backpack also comes with durable materials and a water-resistant surface. With all these, the manufacturers believe it’s perfect for everyday life.  Although, it would need to be bigger to function as a proper laptop sling bag/travel backpack.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 15.55 x 8.26 x 3.3 inches

Water-Repellent: Yes

Key Features

1. Practical design: The bag is great for everyday life. Despite being compact, it still provides enough space for item organization. Also, there’s proper padding that guarantees comfort. Finally, the bag is adjustable enough to suit different needs.

2. Durable material: It is made of a highly durable, scratch-resistant, and water-repellent D210 nylon material.

3. Multifunctional: This daypack can easily see you through light hiking trips, quick travels, and even trips to the gym.



Final Thoughts

G4Free Sling Bag is small, compact, light, and functional with enough pockets, despite being one-size. If you need a small backpack or travel backpack for your laptop, you might want to head over to Amazon for this one.

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7. Hanke Sling Bag (Best for USB charging space)

The Hanke sling bag holds the final position on our list. It has an impressive number of compartments/pockets. With space for keeping things like your cell phone, clothing, shoes, and tablet, there’s almost nothing you can’t fit in this sling pack. It also has a sizable main compartment and an anti-theft pocket stealthily placed on the backpack.

The backpack boasts a breathable panel that prevents perspiration while using your backpack/bag.

Outside these, once you’ve purchased on Amazon, you get the USB space the bag has. While the sling pack doesn’t come with a power bank, it’s still great for charging your cell phone on the go.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 11.81 x 5.11 x 18.7

Weight: 1.03 pounds

Key Features

1. Antitheft pocket: This product has a hidden pocket on its surface that allows you to keep your valuables. 

2. Reflective stripe: Right at the bottom of the front side of this daypack, there is a reflective stripe. It’s not so big that it ruins the aesthetics of the pack. But, it’s just enough for any oncoming vehicle to spot and avoid hitting you at night. 

3. Lightweight: At only a little over one pound, this product from Hanke is incredibly lightweight.

4. USB: This daypack has a USB charger just atop its surface with a cable on the inside for charging.

5. Versatility: This product can easily serve as a casual daypack, shoulder rucksack, torso bag, etc. 



Final Thoughts

The Hanke sling bag is designed to be a great companion. However, it has some quirks. Once you can work past them and buy one of these choice backpacks on Amazon,  you should find yourself with a good-enough bag. 

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Top features to look out for before you buy a one-strap backpack

Before picking the perfect backpack on the Amazon website, you must know what exactly perfect backpacks are made of. So, here are the top features to look out for if you want to purchase a one-strap backpack from Amazon:

1. Security

If you frequent crowded areas, you should strongly consider this feature before shopping for backpacks on Amazon. Some backpacks offer anti-theft pockets hidden away in the bag. They’ll be useful in keeping your valuables from miscreants at parties, carnivals, etc.

2. Compatibility

Many single strap backpacks on the Amazon website come in small sizes. So small that some cannot hold laptops. So, before you buy it, ensure that it’s compatible with your physical size. The last thing you want is an ill-fitting one-size backpack. Also, the backpack should fit into your lifestyle. That is, it should serve you well whether you’re playing sports outdoors or you need a travel backpack. These are key things you should look out for before buying your bag – black or otherwise – from Amazon. 

3. Design

Some use crossbody backpacks on Amazon primarily for casual outings. If you do too, you should look carefully at the design before you buy it. Ensure that it’s something you’ll be happy to carry around. Even if you don’t need it for casual outings, but for carrying heat gear, make sure your heat gear crossbody strap bag, black or otherwise,  looks like something you’d be happy to carry around. Choosing not to would make your Amazon purchase saddening eventually. 

4. Water Resistance

Water resistance is important if you need a bag for hiking or fishing. While considering this factor, remember that water resistance comes at different levels.  To be on the safer side, pick a backpack with the highest water resistance level. Luckily, you’ll find only the best sling bags with water-resistance on our list.

5. Comfort

This feature is multifaceted. For starters, you have to make sure that the shoulder strap is well padded to remove pain. You should also ensure that the material is not too scratchy. You should also not be allergic to the fabric. Backpacks that cover all these are an excellent choice. 

6. Compartments

One-shoulder backpacks on Amazon clearly can’t have as many compartments as larger backpacks. However, outside the main compartment, sling backpacks should have other spaces. This will help you create a level of organization of items in your bag. 


Q1: Is it difficult to carry single strap backpacks?

Not particularly. Most single strap backpacks are adjustable and are designed to fit your body excellently. So, whether you’re left/right-handed, big or small, you shouldn’t have much of an issue using a single strap bag.

Q2: How do you clean a chest bag? 

The answer to this is mostly dependent on the type of material your backpack is made of. However, except for leather, you can use your hands to wash most in soap and water. Afterward, you’ll dry these backpacks with a machine or by exposure.

Regardless, though, you must pay specific attention to your bag’s washing instructions. If you don’t, you might end up doing more bad than good. 

Q3: How big should a single strap backpack be?

The standard size is often between 8-20 liters. That way, it can help you carry whatever small luggage is required to get through the day. However, there is no one size that one-strap backpack producers follow.

In conclusion

A one-strap backpack is just what you need if you’re constantly taking short trips. Here, we’ve listed seven of the best single strap backpacks you can get on Amazon with details. All that’s left is to make your purchase and begin to enjoy the luxury of your bag.