Effective Tips and Tricks on How to Clean Osprey Backpack

Effective Tips and Tricks on How to Clean Osprey Backpack


No one goes on a vacation without a backpack. Unless you’re George of the Jungle or Mowgli from Jungle Book, you know you really have to think about getting a backpack for your planned trip. So just in case, you’re pumped up for your trip and you don’t already have a backpack yet, do not hesitate to shop for any Osprey backpack based on your specifications. You deserve the best bags available and Osprey provides the most comfortable and spacious backpacks for all your travel needs. Do you want to know the best part? Osprey backpacks are one of the easiest bags to clean and maintain. If you don’t already know, then let’s show you how you can make your backpack look as good as new every day. Fasten your seatbelts. We bring you everything all the tips and tricks on how to clean your Osprey backpack. One thing is for sure, you won’t find these tricks anywhere else, so keep reading and discover everything you need to know on how to clean Osprey Backpack.

How to clean Osprey Backpack

Soft cleaning and maintenance

If you have not used your Osprey backpack in a long time, you can carry out this simple maintenance hack to keep your backpack squeaky clean and retain that perfect condition you left it after your lastx travel. Here’s how to clean your Osprey bag:

⦁ Empty out your Osprey backpack.⦁ Get your soft sponge and some warm water. Dip the sponge into the warm water, squeeze and wipe the inside of the bag with the sponge.⦁ Repeat the process for the outsides of your Osprey backpack.⦁ Get your soft brush and swipe gently at the zippers.⦁ Spread your Osprey backpack in a ventilated space. It shouldn’t take up to 10 minutes to achieve and you can easily move on from there to the best parts of your day. After trip maintenance: Peradventure, your backpack hit the waters on your trip and gets soaked, simply hang it to dry. If there was so much adventure on the trip and your pack has managed to gather lots of dirt and stains, then you will need to roll your sleeves, take a seat and wash your Osprey backpack. Otherwise, this simple maintenance procedure will have your Osprey backpack looking as good as new in no time.

Washing your Osprey Backpack

Basic requirements

Here are a few things you will need to get started with cleaning your Osprey backpack:⦁ A mild soap⦁ Soft Sponge⦁ A soft brush (preferably a toothbrush)

Pay attention. You don’t want to miss these vital tips and tricks.

⦁ If your backpack has removable shoulder straps, belts, and harnesses, please remove them from the backpack before attempting to wash.⦁ Unzip your Osprey backpack and remove every other thing in the bag, turn it upside down if you need to and shake till you get the loose dirt, sand, crumbs, and lint out of your backpack.⦁ If there is any spilled material in your Osprey backpack, get a soft brush and wipe out all the dirt. If you feel this does not work as much as you wish it would, a simple and easy trick would be to vacuum out the bag.⦁ Find a large bowl that your backpack would fit into and get started with cleaning your backpack, or put it in a bathtub where you can easily clean it with some soap and warm water.⦁ You might be tempted to throw your Osprey Backpack into your washing machine, set the timer, and go to bed, but please, don’t do it. There’s no easier way to spoil your bag than to this and to do it constantly.

For great results, Osprey advises that you use Nikwax Tech Wash to clean your backpack, but just in case you have any other mild soap that you’re sure will do the trick, why not! There’s no reason not to make use of what’s available at your disposal.

How to clean Osprey backpack: The Interior

⦁ Pick up your soft sponge, add some warm water and begin to wipe the interior of your Osprey backpack softly.⦁ Be sure to scrub gently. Take it one compartment at a time and make sure you attend to all the compartments of your Osprey Backpack.

Know when to use soap

If something, like a drink or gel, has spilled on the inside of your backpack, you might need some mild soap mix to clean it up first. Otherwise, you should clean the bag without using the Nikwax Tech Wash or any other soap you have selected for the occasion. Done washing? Good! Now, you will need to focus on the exterior of your bag.

How to clean Osprey backpack: The Exterior

⦁ Most probably, the exterior of your Osprey backpack might not be as neat as the interior. As such it might require a little more attention. In any case, you will need to add a drop or two of soap to your soft sponge to clean the exterior of your Osprey backpack.

Quick Tip: Be choosy in your cleaning

You don’t have to take all the time in the world to wash your backpack. You’ve still got other things to do you know. Therefore, select some target areas and focus on cleaning them. Target areas you should focus on

⦁ Stained Parts: Watch out for the stained portions of your bag. Odds are, they’ll be really easy to notice. When you spot them, add a drop of soap or two to your sponge and swipe at the spots till the blotch or stains disappear.⦁ Parts that absorb sweat: These parts are the parts that naturally need cleaning. As you did with the rest of the stained parts, use your soft sponge to swipe at these portions as well. These parts include the shoulder straps, the pack’s back panel.

Why you shouldn’t scrub down the whole pack

Most backpacks have some protective coatings that might easily come off when you scrub them. It is best that you don’t scrub these parts. Instead, focus on the bits that really need cleaning.

⦁ Attend to the zippers. With your soft brush or your toothbrush, scrub the zippers until they are clean. Do this for all the zippers on your backpack.

Why you should clean the zippers

Dirt and sand get into the zipper all the time. Scrubbing them off with the soft sponge is the best way to remove them.

⦁ Focus on the buckles now. Use warm water to push out any dirt that might be stuck within them. Do this till you are satisfied with how your Osprey bag looks.⦁ Are you thirsty for a cold drink already? Hang in there, you’re almost done anyway.⦁ Remove your backpack from the bowl and drain it. If you’re using a bathtub, drain the bathtub till all the warm water seeps away. Now add some cool water to the mix.⦁ With the cool water, rinse your backpack thoroughly. You can repeat this process twice or thrice until you’re sure that you’ve got all the soap out your backpack.

When this is done, you can now hang your backpack in a well-ventilated space. Don’t use heat or a tumble dryer pack. Once everything is dry, fix the removable parts back on your Osprey backpack and bring out your travel catalog. Browse through with a cold drink. You’ve earned it. And the best part, you have all you need to make another trip in a few days to come.

Top questions on caring for your Osprey Backpack

Q. I’m too busy for all this. Can I use a washing machine?A. It is not advisable to use a washing machine for your Osprey backpack. Even Osprey recommends that you follow the procedures as highlighted above to ensure that your backpack lasts as long as you might wish for it to last.Q. Can this cleaning method work for all Osprey backpacks?A. Yes, just follow the tips and tricks, and within minutes, you’re done washing your Osprey backpack and ready to take on another trip.Q.I don’t travel that often. Do I still have to wash my Osprey backpack from time to time?A. No. You don’t have to. However, you can carry out the regular maintenance drill occasionally. It wouldn’t take too long and it will go a long way in keeping your bag in shape should you decide to go on another vacation soon.Q. How often should I clean my Osprey backpack?A. As often as you feel the need to.Q. My Osprey Backpack has a bad smell. How do I get rid of it?A. Get an odor eliminator spray. You will find a couple of good ones online or pick it up at a local store. It will definitely do the trick.

Osprey: More than just a backpack

Planning a great vacation begins with taking the best care of your Osprey backpack. So go ahead, buy an Osprey backpack today if you don’t already have one. If you do, then tend to it like a pro. Keep it clean and in shape at all times by following our listed tips and tricks.

Who knows, tomorrow might hold a fresh new adventure. It would be best to be ready with a map, some clothes, and a clean backpack.