How to Attach Backpack to Rolling Suitcase Efficiently

How to Attach Backpack to Rolling Suitcase Efficiently

Traveling is becoming more stressful day by day, even for frequent travelers. Think about your last trip to the airport. You’ll probably recall the long queues, last-minute terminal changes, and of course, lugging around heavy luggage with an additional handbag.

We can’t give you a way to avoid all the other factors. However, we can tell you how to attach backpack to rolling suitcase to help you carry your luggage easily and conveniently.

Why Should You Attach Your Backpack to Your Rolling Suitcase?

You’re probably wondering which problems can be solved by attaching your baggage together. Let’s put it this way: what is the main thing you think about while traveling long or short distances?

The answer is obvious, and that is you think about packing your bags. Most travelers carry one suitcase or main luggage, paired with a handy laptop bag or backpack.

Both of these articles are important in your way to your destination and back home. You can’t possibly carry everything you need without a rolling suitcase. Besides that, you’ll need a smaller bag to carry all the important stuff you want to keep accessible throughout your trip.

Anyway, the problem arises when your backpack gets extremely heavy to be carried on your shoulder. While professional backpack advisors will give you a range of trolley backpacks to pull along with your rolling suitcase, that’s just another pair of wheels you need to control and hold using your hands.

Therefore, the ultimate solution to this is learning how to attach backpack to a rolling suitcase to help you carry both pieces together while regulating the weight and balance.

The Basic Method

If you’re a frequent traveler, you must be thinking you already know how to attach backpack to a rolling suitcase. Well, you’re not alone. We’ve seen loads of travelers moving through the airport with their backpacks attached to their suitcases. That said, they use the basic, traditional way, which is not at all effective at keeping your bag in one position.

Usually, travelers attach their backpack to the handle of their rolling suitcases, using the handle of the backpack. This method is effective at keeping the two attached to some extent, but if you’re carrying a rucksack bag back or a rolling backpack, it’s likely to topple over at the slightest misbalance.

Additionally, the whole weight of your bag will fall onto the handle of your rolling suitcase. This will not only cause unnecessary pressure upon the handle but will also leave you to deal with the excess weight. You’ll find that your arm hurts because of handling the extra weight, especially if you’re moving through big airports in large cities such as London or Dubai.

In a nutshell, while you’re thinking that you’re doing yourself a favor by attaching the bags, you’re straining one of your arms more than you should. The ideal way to attach your backpack to your rolling suitcase is the one that amalgamates the weight of both articles and leaves the burden on the wheels rather than the user. That’s exactly the way we do it.

How to Attach Backpack to Rolling Suitcase

If you have a sturdy rolling suitcase, you can make the most of it by making all your other bags roll along with it. Apart from the traditional method, there are many other methods you can use to attach your additional luggage to your rolling suitcase securely.

There are two basic ways to join various pieces of your luggage together. Either, you can use specialized straps and instruments to complete the task or put your backpack handle to optimum use.

If you tend to travel with lots of individual bags, such as backpacks and messenger bags for your kids, we recommend you use special adhesives to fix the pieces together. Nevertheless, if you have only one additional bag with your rolling suitcase, if you use your bag handle effectively, you’re good to go.

Let’s get into the details to know how to execute each attaching process.

1. Using a Luggage Strap

For this technique, you’ll need a durable luggage strap. Make sure you go for a high-quality product to keep your bags from toppling over each other in the middle of the airport.

Once you have that, the process is quite simple. Just follow these easy steps to string your luggage together.

Remember, while attaching additional pieces of luggage to your rolling suitcase, you’ll need to be sure about its quality and durability. Otherwise, the suitcase will succumb under the extra weight, and you’ll need to invest in a new one.

Other than that, you have to prepare your suitcase or largest pieces in your luggage ensemble, while packing your things. Make sure you keep heavyweight items at the bottom. The bottom of your bag is the part closest to the ground when your bag is in the upright position.

Avoid making the top too heavy because most of your additional luggage will be attached to the top, so you’ll need to balance the weight out for accessible carrying.

Next, you’ll need to place your suitcase in the ideal position. Set it upright and pull the handle out.

Now, grip the handle of your rolling suitcase firmly. Take the bag you want to attach first. This should be the second-largest bag from your luggage. Place it on the top of your suitcase and hold it against its handle.

After that, place the luggage strap at the bottom of your luggage. Start pulling it up until you can see the buckle of the luggage strap in the middle of your bag.

Once you’re done with that, pull the other two ends of the luggage strap and secure them over the backs of the two suitcases. This will bind them together, while the strap will be left hanging at the front of the suitcases.

First of all, make sure you buy a strap with strong buckles and fasteners. Once you’ve pulled the straps across both of your bags, secure the buckle and pull it tight enough so that it holds the smaller bag in place.

Remember, take care not to pull the buckle too tight because it will bend and damage the things inside the large rolling suitcase.

how to attach backpack to rolling suitcase

2. Using an Add-on Strap

Other than using a luggage strap, you can use various types of add-on straps to attach your luggage. You can get add-on straps in different materials, sizes, and quality.

If you carry more than two or three luggage bags at one, you should get durable leather add-on straps. On the other hand, if you tend to carry light with just an additional laptop bag with your rolling suitcase, a simple nylon add-on strap with plastic fasteners will do for you.

To attach your additional bags with your rolling luggage using an add-on strap, follow the simple steps below.

This is similar to the luggage strap joining technique. You’ll need to manage the weight in your rolling suitcase to facilitate the additional luggage. Keep all the heavy items at the bottom, and don’t stuff the top too much.

Also, when assembling the luggage, make sure you place the largest one at the bottom. After that, attach each one according to its size and weight.

Make sure your main rolling suitcase, with which you’re going to attach the other bags, is kept upright. Then, you can begin attaching each bag one by one.

Now, find the opening in the buckle of your add-on strap. Open the buckle and fasten it to the pull-out handle of your rolling suitcase.

Also, you’ll see a hook attached to the add-on strap. While you fasten the strap, make sure that the hook is facing outwards.

Next, grip the hanging hook of your add-on strap properly and hang the smaller bag on to your rolling suitcase. Keep in mind that your bag hangs in front of your rolling suitcase to maintain proper balance.

3. Using Its Handle

Even if you’re on a budget, investing in a luggage strap will make your life easier. Believe it or not, carrying all your luggage together does make a difference. If you’re a person who does not travel that often or just don’t want to invest in a dedicated luggage strap, we’ve got a way for you too.

As we mentioned, the way people attach their smaller backpacks to the handles of their rolling suitcases is downright wrong. By doing that, they’re placing more strain on themselves considering the additional weight. Also, the technique is not full-proof, so the smaller bag will keep falling off.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you cannot attach a smaller bag securely to your rolling suitcase without a luggage strap. We’ve got an idea for you.

All you have to do is, instead of lasso-ing the handle of your smaller bag to the pull-out handle of your rolling suitcase, you place it entirely around your suitcase.

Confused? Let’s put it this way; simply hang your backpack or laptop bag around the body of your suitcase. Then, leave it hanging to it down the front.

This way, you’ll have full leverage and control over the pull-out handle. This will enable you to maneuver your bag easily without worrying about the smaller bag falling off. Apart from that, the weight of your laptop bag will combine with your suitcase completely.

So, you won’t feel the additional weight of your extra backpack. That’s similar to the way you don’t feel the weight of a 40-kg suitcase on wheels. Consequently, you can glide your bag easily without concerning yourself with any extra weight and luggage pieces.

Other Practical Options to Minimize the Strain of Additional Baggage

We get it; no one wants to go through the hassle of attaching each piece of luggage every time they pack for a trip. Also, no matter how beneficial the process is for the user, nothing can be more taxing than looking for a lone luggage strap in your last-minute hustle.

If you’re such a person, we’ve got some other ideas for you to help you attach your baggage without going through the initial ordeal.

1. Get Attachable Carry-Ons

Yes, many backpack companies are trying to meet consumer demand by creating attachable carry-on bags. These are simply smaller carry-on bags or laptop bags, but they come with an extra sleeve to attach your pulling suitcase handle.

You can find these attachable varieties in duffel bags, backpacks, and sling bags, as well. Also, to buy these bags, you’re not limited to high-end brands like Vera Bradley and Dagne Dover Weston. There are many low-end options available to cater to your needs.

2. Buy Matching Luggage Sets

Although they’re expensive, matching luggage sets can easily solve all your luggage problems. Instead of using luggage straps or buying lone attachable bags, you can buy a complete set of bags that are attachable to each other.

Never heard of it? Well, have you seen the type of luggage cabin crew carry with them? Their rolling suitcases, duffel bags, and purses, all fit together flawlessly and can be carried on a single set of wheels.

In the same way, many brands offer matching sets that you can just pack and buckle up to each other before setting out. Not only do these sets look great, but they give you a new option to manage your extra weight and carry each piece of luggage together.


We’re sure you have the answer to how to attach backpack to rolling suitcase. You can use the various options we provided to fasten all your bags together.

All of this will help you avoid embarrassing situations at the airport. It will also keep you from getting exhausted even before you start your trip. Lastly, a little planning will make your traveling experience carefree and comfortable than ever before.

Bon Voyage!