Oakley Overdrive Backpack Review

Oakley Overdrive Backpack Review

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Whether it’s for your everyday carry, an overnight camping trip, or traveling, a good backpack is a must. If you’ve got one backpack that can do it all, that’s even better. While you may think such a bag does not exist, we’ll prove otherwise in this Oakley Overdrive Backpack review.

The Oakley Overdrive Backpack is an excellent companion for all your routine trips, as well as any spontaneous adventures. We’ll tell you about its features, who it’s for, what it comes with, and much more.

Oakley Overdrive Backpack Review

Founded in 1975, Oakley has been designing and manufacturing some of the best sports and lifestyle equipment out there. Therefore, you can rest assured that anything you get from Oakley will be of the highest quality. Similarly, the Oakley Overdrive Backpack is a sturdy and spacious bag, especially for men, allowing use for various occasions.

The backpack will help you store and carry all your essential items in one place while keeping everything safe and secure. Additionally, unlike messenger bags or drawstring bags, this Oakley backpack is quite comfortable to wear. How exactly they do that, we’ll tell you in the latter part of our review.

Who Is This Backpack For?

If you’re someone who likes to carry a lot of things but also prefers to travel light, this backpack is the one for you. For example, if you’re going to your office and you need to carry your laptop, its charger, an additional mouse and accessories, your headphones, some work files and papers, a neck pillow, and some more books.

Even if you’re traveling or going for an overnight weekend trip, there is always a long list of things you need to keep for any sudden situations. However, carrying a regular bag with one or two duffel bags can be a big hassle. With this Oakley Backpack, you can carry everything you need comfortably and conveniently, regardless of the occasion or destination.

It is important to note, though, that the backpack has a maximum limit of 32 liters. It might be hard to visualize how much stuff that equals, but if you think you’re going to exceed 32 liters, then this bag might not be the one for you. Going over that limit won’t just become uncomfortable for you but will also damage the bag.

Considering this backpack isn’t the cheapest bag in the market, you wouldn’t want to buy it if you’re just going to end up damaging it, would you? Besides that, it is still a great bag, and you can continue reading this Oakley Overdrive Backpack review to find out why.

Oakley Men's Overdrive Backpack,One Size,Jet Black

What’s Included?

One great thing about this backpack is that despite being very functional, it doesn’t have a lot of separate parts. As such, it doesn’t require any assembly. You can simply start using it as soon as you pull it out of the box.

When you order the backpack, it comes packed and sealed in a plastic cover to avoid any damage during the shipping. You might even receive the backpack in a cardboard box for added security and safety. You just have to cut the tape and start using your amazing new Oakley backpack.

Overview of Features

This is personally our favorite section of the review, where we discuss all the brilliant features of this backpack.

The backpack has a 100% polyester exterior, along with 420-denier boomerang dobby, which is excellent for durability as it doesn’t tear easily. You can take it for forest camping trips or hiking without any worry.

The polyester is also great for protection from water as it makes the backpack water-resistant. What’s more, while the bag is thick enough to keep everything safe, it is also quite flexible.

That means you can easily fit and place all kinds of objects inside and utilize all the space efficiently. As mentioned earlier, the maximum capacity of this backpack is 32 liters, so you don’t want to fit too much inside and risk damaging the zips or the bag.

Nonetheless, 32 liters is still a lot, so you can comfortably store your things without too much trouble. Moreover, instead of a simple zip, the backpack has a lid design with buckles at the top for keeping bulky items.

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Another good thing about polyester is that it’s lightweight, so the backpack feels comfortable and not too heavy on your shoulders. Also, even if the bag starts getting too heavy, with the soft padded shoulder straps, it doesn’t feel like it’s cutting into your shoulders. The back is slightly padded as well, so you don’t feel like you’re standing against a wall the whole time.

Additionally, the bag’s backside is entirely made of mesh, which is vital for ventilation. Continuously carrying a bag against your back can get you feeling quite hot, especially if the backpack is heavy. With this feature, you can feel the air flowing back and forth to help you stay cool.

There is even a clip along with the straps, which you can clip across your chest for smooth movement.

Compartments and pockets are crucial in any backpack as they help organize all your things. The Oakley Overdrive Backpack has multiple pockets in various sizes to keep all your items.

There’s a padded sleeve where you can safely keep your laptop and a water bottle pocket on the side that’s easy to access. You will also find a micro bag-lined pocket for storing glasses without scratching them.

Oakley Men's Overdrive Backpack,One Size,Jet Black

How to Get the Most Out of It?

The fantastic thing about this backpack is that it is very versatile. You can use it any way you like; just make sure you don’t exceed the capacity limit. Also, since the outer fabric is polyester, Oakley recommends that you clean it only with a damp cloth and some mild soap.


Since the backpack is pretty expensive, we understand if you’re feeling a little hesitant. In that case, don’t worry, we’ve prepared an alternative: the Oakley Enduro 20l 2.0 Backpack. It’s the same quality with mostly the same features, which makes it perfect for everyday use.


Hopefully, this Oakley Overdrive Backpack review was enough to convince you of the brilliance of this backpack. It’s versatile, comfortable, and big enough to store everything you need. Likewise, the jet black color isn’t too bad on the eyes!

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