Review of J World New York Lollipop

Review of J World New York Lollipop

Summer is almost over and school is starting! What better way to add to the excitement of your child to be back in school that help him/her choose the right bag for the big day? Small rolling backpacks are the craze for kids of all ages, including those adorable babies in preschool (depending on their height and age) or those kids in grade school.

A great way to start your search is through checking out J World New York Lollipop, a small rolling backpack for toddler that comes with a free lunch bag that matches the design of the luggage.

PROS: It is big enough to fit books, notebooks, and other school supplies as well as clothing and travel necessities when going on holidays. This is a dual-purpose bag that can be used for both school and travel, as well as other purposes it may serve. This saves your money for buying different bags because it is very versatile.

For the affordable price, you will also get another mini-bag that can be used specifically to store packed lunch or snacks, but also may be used for other purposes. The lunch bag matches the design of the rolling backpack, making it so cute to tote around.

CONS: Some customers who left negative reviews on the product complained about the poor quality of the handles and the zippers. Like most rolling backpacks, users always find fault in the handles as it breaks easily or pulls off easily. The problem here is poor quality control: You received an already defective item or the quality of the product you got didn’t live up to the expectation.

To solve this, you can return the product to the manufacturer for a replacement, especially if it already broke only after a few months’ use. You should also watch how your child uses the bag; remember to tell him/her not to lift the bag through the handles as it puts too much unnecessary pressure.

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What are the important aspects of the J World New York Lollipop?

Size: The size of this small rolling backpack is just right for the belongings of your toddler or grade-schooler who will use it for school. Books, notebooks, and all stuff for school can easily fit into the wide main compartment. However, some parents have complained in their reviews that this may be too small if your child is in the advanced years of grade school and is carrying more books.

Also, if you are putting a lot of school needs into the main compartment, you won’t be able to fit the lunch bag in there. You have to carry it separately. To give you an idea of the size of the bag, the dimensions are 6 x 16 x 12.5 inches. Measure it with your child’s existing bag so you won’t be surprised by the size when this one arrives at your doorstep.

Purpose: Designed for school, this bag can easily become your child’s buddy to school. At the same time, it can be used for travel due to the fact that it is also roomy enough to fit clothes and other travel essentials. This allows you, the parent, to avoid having to carry your child’s belongings, giving them a sense of independence even at a young age.

It’s a great bag to use for both school and travel because the wheels are sturdy enough to handle all the weight of the stuff you need. It rolls nicely and won’t give your child’s arm too much strain when pulling it behind. The lunch bag is a nice addition to this wheeled backpack as well.

Materials Used: The bag is made of 100% polyester material that can be washed and scrubbed without having to worry about fraying cloth. Kids are prone to spill drinks and food onto their bags so it’s nice if parents can wash the bags without problems. It’s also very easy to clean; you just have to wipe it most of the time.

There are mesh pockets located at the sides of the bag for the storage of water and juice bottles. A rubber stopper is also fixed in front of the bag for added support in front. The wheels are made of sturdy rubber and plastic and rolls with ease even on rough pavements. The handle is made of plastic but the body holding it is made of sturdy metal.

Comfort: The handle is just the right height for elementary kids but it can be adjusted lower to suit kids in preschool. It is also very comfortable when used as a backpack because of the padded back which gives more support to your child. The straps are covered in mesh and are padded for added support and comfort onto the shoulders.

J World New York Kids' Lollipop Rolling Backpack & Lunch Bag Set, Floret, One Size

What other things should you know about the J World New York Lollipop?

Boys and girls alike are given a lot of choices for the rolling backpack. It is designed in such a way that it will appeal very much to youngsters. The bright colors and fun prints are a great way to showcase your child’s fun-loving aura. It comes in color Pink, Orange, and Yellow for girls and Blue and Green for boys.

There are additional appliques printed on the material itself while the zipper holders are attached with adorable rubber shapes of flowers, butterflies, and gears. It is adorable and functional as well because there are a lot of pockets in the front that comes with a built-in organizer for your child’s smaller school stuff such as pencils, crayons, sharpener, and eraser.

The lunch bag is slightly padded with a rolling backpack to ensure that your child’s food will remain hot or cold. There’s a side mesh pocket attached in the lunch bag for drinks.

The Verdict

The J World New York Lollipop is definitely a great pick for your child entering preschool or grade school. It is not only terribly cute, but it is functional and durable as well. Your child will be able to get years of usage out of this bag as well as the accompanying lunch bag. For the price, it is really worth it.

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