Review of Stephen Joseph Girls 2-6X Rolling Luggage

Review of Stephen Joseph Girls 2-6X Rolling Luggage

Your baby girl would swoon when she sees a backpack that is so cute and colorful like the Stephen Joseph Girls Rolling Luggage, and in this piece, we’re going to review it. The designs are so simple yet so magical that cute little toddlers who are about to face the start of classes will be more excited and geared up.

Because toddlers or preschoolers aren’t supposed to be carrying a lot of weight at such an early age, a piece of rolling luggage would be the parent’s best pick for them. However, it’s good to involve the kids in the choosing process so they can pick the color and design they want the most.


Very cute, functional, and durable. These are three things parents would seek in a bag for their child. This bag has the right compartment size for all the stuff your toddler would bring to school such as a few notebooks and pad papers, a change of clothing, and snacks. Smaller stuff such as pencils, crayons, and sharpeners would also fit easily.

The bag is just the right height for little kids, so they won’t face trouble lugging it behind them. The zippers are smooth; little hands will find it easy to open and close their bag. The materials are made of soft nylon that can be hand-washed easily since kids are very prone to spills and stains.


Most of the negative reviews on Amazon focused on the flimsy zipper that breaks easily. Parents have found that only after a few months use, the zippers either get stuck or they completely break off, which renders the bag useless, as it can’t be closed anymore.

Although this can be taken to a shop to be repaired, you’ll be disappointed with the quality, considering the price. Tell your child to be careful of pulling the zippers, as it is the weakest point of this bag.

What are the important aspects of the Stephen Joseph Girls 2-6X Rolling Luggage?


One of the great things about the backpack is that while you may purchase one with a single purpose in mind, it can be used for more than just that original intended purpose. For bags, you can use them in situations such as for school, for travel, or even just going on a camping trip or other leisure activity.

They don’t have to be exclusive for just that one task, and the versatility of new backpacks being developed these days encourages you to use them for multiple purposes.


The size of the back more than accommodates the requirements of a child that is going to school each day. With the amount of space needed for textbooks, pencil cases, school equipment, or anything else, you can rest assured that there is enough room for that as well as food for your child so they do not go hungry during their time at school or any other occasion.

If the bag is being used for travel, then it is just the right size for a child. It has enough space to fit in their small clothes and also prepares them for the possibility that they may go traveling on their own in the future.

It’s also not too big that they cannot carry it and will easily fit in an overhead luggage compartment, allowing the child to keep it close to them as it may have important stuffed toys or video games.

Stephen Joseph Girls Classic Rolling Luggage, Hot Pink/Lime Green, One Size

Materials Used

This tolling luggage bag is made out of 100% Nylon, one of the more standard choices of material for children’s bags because it allows for easy creation of designs, is cheap, and relatively durable.

While you should not expect the bag to protect against severe wear and tear, it is acceptable to expect the bag to be used in everyday life without falling apart in an instant, assuring that is the right quality to work as a well-purchased rolling luggage bag.


Comfort as an issue with regards to backpacks is minimalized thanks to the rolling luggage design of this bag. Children can become quite fussy when it comes to backpacks, and it can also affect their heat if they are carrying large amounts of books and other school supplies in a heavy backpack that they have to carry with them five days a week.

The implementation of wheels and a handle prevent this and make the whole process easier and much more enjoyable. The fact that the Stephen Joseph Girl Rolling Luggage bag is not a backpack solves some of these issues. You will not have to worry about the weight of the bag as much as you would with a backpack.

When it comes down to it, the only comfort factor associated would be the handle, the main part of the luggage that is used in regular transportation. The handle is plastic and smoothed out, designed for small hands to hold and carry it along, ensuring that it is not uncomfortable.

What other things should you know about the Stephen Joseph Girls 2-6X Rolling Luggage?

The overall design is aesthetically pleasing and well suited for children. The bright colors do enough to keep the design fresh and interesting for young children, and this is improved by the friendly images of flowers or wildlife.

The compartments on the rolling luggage bag are well thought out, with small compartment to accommodate the large space of the bag. With the various pockets on the sides and the front, you can fit luggage in the main compartment while putting other materials like papers or snacks in the front or side pocket, as well as use the mesh pocket to store items that can be accessed easily and quickly.

The Verdict of our Review of the Stephen Joseph Girls Rolling Luggage

Overall, the Stephen Joseph Girls 2-6X Rolling Luggage is perfect for toddlers entering pre-school. It instantly makes them the cool, fun kid out of the bunch because of the bright combination of colors and fun prints and appliques on the bag.

The bag, designed for kids around this age, is well made for their height and little hands. They won’t have trouble moving it around because it’s light, and the wheels are smooth sailing.

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