How to save money on hotels using a VPN in 2021

How to save money on hotels using a VPN in 2021

When booking a vacation or trip away, the price can quickly add up. From flights to car rental, and everything in-between, a cheap getaway can easily start to cost a small fortune. Hotel bookings are one of the higher-priced expenses and dynamic pricing can mean you’ll be paying much more than necessary. If you’re looking to get your money’s worth when it comes to booking accommodation abroad, then keep reading to find out.

How to get cheap hotel rates using a VPN quick guide

  1. Choose a VPN

    There are so many viable VPNs in the market to choose from. We suggest that for finding cheap hotel rates, it’s best to select a VPN that has servers based in many countries so you’ll have more destinations to compare.

  2. Select a server

    Open up the VPN client and select a server from any country. Keep in mind that low-income countries are likely to have cheaper rates.

  3. Navigate to the booking website

    Find a booking website such as Select the package or rooms that you’re after and make a note of the prices.

  4. Repeat with different servers

    Go back to the VPN client and switch the server to a different country. Then simply repeat the previous step. (Remember to clear your cache and cookies between each server change!)

  5. Select the cheapest rates

    Once you’ve selected servers from around 5 different locations, you can compare the prices that were given from each one. Once you’ve identified the cheapest option, just switch back to that server and purchase your booking.

How does my location influence hotel prices? 

Most paid services, including hotel booking websites, will alter their prices between different countries. They want to make as much profit as possible so will understandably charge more to customers booking from high-income countries compared to those booking from low-income ones. These websites will also cater their prices to different demographics using information gathered through cookies. Details such as your age, income, job status, local currency, and browsing habits, are all available for websites’ algorithms to base their quotes on. This is known as dynamic pricing. 

Where can I find cheap hotel bookings?

The best strategy when looking for cheap accommodation is to compare prices from a range of different websites. We have gathered a small selection of websites that offer the cheapest hotel rates.

How can a VPN save me money on hotel bookings?

VPNs work by concealing your IP address and other personal information that can be used to influence the quotes given to you by hotel booking websites or agencies. Your online traffic is rerouted by the VPN and you are given a fresh IP address, whilst your real one is disguised. VPNs have servers in multiple countries and let you decide where in the world you want to connect to a server. 

Even better, VPNs encrypt your personal data and browsing habits, protecting you from price discrimination. You’ll be able to browse booking websites anonymously without worrying about being targeted by online tracking technologies.  

Is it legal to use a VPN? 

Yes! VPNs are completely legal (in most countries) and most of the time websites will have no issue with you using one while browsing.

VPNs we recommend for saving money on hotels 

There are so many free and premium VPNs in the market in 2021. Premium services will offer a wider array of servers in various countries and will guarantee that your data is protected when traveling abroad. Hotel wifi is rarely very secure and there is a significant risk of cyberattacks. A reliable VPN will ensure that your information is encrypted and completely safe from online threats. 

Overall, VPNs are innovative tools that help keep the internet transparent. Dynamic pricing is prevalent among online services and often leads to customers paying much higher prices than needed. VPNs can reveal the true rates of accommodation so customers can save money on hotels and a range of other services when traveling abroad.