What are the Best School Backpacks for Your Teenage Girl?

Best Backpack for School Girl
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It is that time of the year again when school is about to open and a lot of teenage girls are in the lookout for the best school backpack that would make them look and feel cooler. Apart from that, it should also be functional and can fit most of the stuff a teenage girl usually lugs.

What are the best backpacks for teenage girls?

To give you that added boost of “hipster” vibe, we have compiled three of the best backpacks in the market that are not only durable and reliable but have a lot of very girly designs to suit your tastes.

High Sierra Loop Backpack

This backpack features a 300 x 250-denier Duralite/water resistant coating/hexagon ripstop. The entire backpack is enveloped in special water-resistant coating to make sure it endures the changing weathers, especially rain and drizzles. It will surely keep your stuff dry and safe, especially if you’re carrying a lot of books and notebooks.

PROS: The inside of the bag has several compartments with multiple pockets, including zippered mesh pocket, pen pockets, lidded media pocket, and key fob. This makes it easier for you to organize your stuff and to avoid having to turn your bag over just to find something.

Using the organizer and multiple pockets will help you remember where you have placed your things, no matter how small or big. Fishing out the things you need when you are in a hurry is easier.

The shoulder straps come with padding for comfort and ease of carrying. This backpack, suited for teenage girls, has non-slip straps that are designed to carry heavyweight stuff, such as your books and electronic devices. The design of the straps also allows disbursing weight more evenly on your shoulder while you travel. There’s also a swivel clip at the end of the strap, which helps prevent twisting.

CONS: Users recommend not putting too much heavy stuff inside the bag such as a laptop. A lot of people who regularly use it to carry very heavy stuff have experienced damages, especially at the seams where much of the weight is centered. The stitches along the zipper may also easily come loose if opening it while the cloth around it is stretched.


JanSport Classic SuperBreak Backpack

This is an ultra-functional backpack that can be used not only for school, but anywhere the user wants to go because it can carry a lot of weight without problem. The design is also very versatile. The cloth comes in a lot of light colors and patterns, which teenage girls would surely love. One favorite is the “Pink Pansy Confetti Dots” design because of its fun prints and combination of colors pleasing to the eye. JanSport is a very classic backpack that anyone can wear it with style.

PROS: This bag can take a lot of beating and daily use because of its 600-denier construction that won’t easily rip. Expect years of use with this bag, with proper care and maintenance of course. The bag comes with one large inner compartment where you can store 2 to 3 textbooks, binder, spiral notebooks, calculator, cell phone, and more.

Then there’s one outer compartment where you can store smaller items such as pens, clips, MP3 players, keys etc. The outer pocket also comes with an organizer so you can easily find your things.

The straps are padded so that you’ll experience comfort on your shoulders while carrying it. It also enables the user to balance the weight on each side. Two-thirds of the back panel is also padded to give more comfort to your back. This is good for people who experience back pains due to carrying a lot of weight on their shoulders, or those who have posture problems. The SuperBreak bag also carries a lifetime warranty.

CONS: Most of the negative reviews for this bag complained about broken zippers only after a few weeks of use. This may been because of quality control as the writers of positive reviews greatly outweighs the negative ones.

If you have experienced this, make sure to return your JanSport bag immediately. The bag comes with lifetime warranty so if the issue is about a broken zipper, they would surely replace it, especially when bought from Amazon.


Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Backpack

This Herschel bag is classy in style and many teenage girls would love its no-nonsense construction and design. This bag will catch a lot of eyes because of its simple, yet elegant form.

The upper-part is made of coated canvas that is waterproof and shiny while the bottom part is made of faux leather that is made with eco-friendly materials. Although it looks the same, compartment and pockets wise, to a classic JanSport bag, the Hershel backpack differs once you get to touch and feel it.

PROS: What many reviewers loved about this bag is the quality. It’s made of high quality polyester with thick polyester lining. It’s also Herschel’s top selling backpack design because of its distinct waterproof materials and front zipper, so you’re sure that no liquid will be leaking inside.

The inside of the bag has a built-in laptop sleeve to separate your machine from your books and notebooks. The outer part has a pocket with an organizer inside for your smaller things. It’s very sturdy and well built so you’re sure you can put in a lot of stuff without worrying about the seams breaking. The straps are also padded for additional comfort.

CONS: It’s a bit on the expensive side, unlike JanSport and High Sierra, which cost half of the price of Herschel. Many reviewers also said it was quite small than expected. To give you an idea of its size, some users have fit in their laptops, two books, and a few notebooks. More than that, you might have some space issues. Anyhow, it’s a really high quality bag that will last you years of use.



Whatever backpack and design you pick, make sure that it is comfortable and roomy enough to fit all your books, notebooks, electronic devices, and other school supplies that you intend to bring to class. Also make sure that the straps are padded to make carrying all these more comfortable. Don’t sacrifice the look and design for the quality and comfort.