The best VPNs for Egypt (2021)

The best VPNs for Egypt (2021)

The internet in Egypt is much different from what you may be used to. Hundreds of websites have been made unavailable by the government and even social media platforms and streaming services display a completely separate variation of content. The Egyptian government has done all that it can to heavily monitor its citizens’ browsing history, search trends, and all other online activity. A VPN helps protect your online data from being traced and allows you to utilize any websites, apps, or services you want when in Egypt. 

The Best VPNs for Egypt Quick Guide

Why do I need a VPN in Egypt?

In October 2020, it came to light that spyware had been slipped into certain apps to monitor Egyptian citizens and collect information such as their location and email history. It was discovered through leaked documents that the server used in these cyber attacks could be linked back to the Egyptian government. Just two years prior, it was revealed through a report that Egypt’s main ISP had been generating extra revenue by injecting malware into users’ devices to mine cryptocurrency or display ads. 

News websites are also being blocked by Egyptian authorities whilst certain bloggers and journalists are being arrested for the content they have posted online. There have also been reports of citizens losing temporary access to VoIP services such as Skype and WhatsApp. With all these restrictions and reports of heavy government surveillance, it’s clear that internet freedom is gradually deteriorating in Egypt. 

This is where VPNs come in. A VPN works by encrypting your data and concealing your internet activity from your ISP or any other third parties. You’ll be able to freely browse the web knowing you’re completely anonymous and none of your information or activity is being monitored. VPNs can also hide your IP address so you’ll have access to any geo-blocked content and trick websites into thinking you’re accessing their services from a different location. 

What should I look for in a VPN?

The best VPN for Egypt will be one with military-grade encryption and other strong security protocols such as split tunneling support so your data is completely out of sight from prying eyes. You want to be 100% sure that none of your online activity is being tracked by anyone, so you’ll also want to make sure that the provider you choose has a strict no-logs policy (even better if this has been verified by an independent organization).  

If you’re planning on using streaming services or social media, then you’ll need a VPN that has a wide range of servers in a selection of different countries. With this, you’ll be able to access any geo-blocked content since your real IP address will be hidden. Along with a large number of servers, you’ll also need the best possible speeds if you want to stream in the highest quality available. Although it’s not necessary, a VPN that provides unlimited bandwidth/data will ensure that you’ll be able to steam as much content as you’d like. 

Some VPNs will support more simultaneous devices than others. This is important to keep in mind if you’re planning to travel to Egypt in a large group, or if you have multiple devices of your own such as a phone, tablet, and laptop. You’ll want every single device to have the same protection so it’s smart to make sure that your chosen subscription supports multiple connections at once. 

Other bonuses of a reliable VPN will include 24/7 customer support and a money-back guarantee, so you can be sure that you’re completely satisfied with the features supplied by your provider. 

Overall, the main features you should be looking for when choosing a VPN for traveling in countries such as Egypt are; robust security protocols, a no-logs policy, fast servers, multiple device connections, and reliable customer support.

Our Top Recommended VPNs for Egypt 2021

Although the use of VPNs is still currently legal in Egypt, the government has made efforts to restrict citizens from accessing VPN websites. Due to this, it’s wise to set up your VPN software on your devices before entering the country to make sure you don’t face any restrictions. 

NordVPN pairs its military-grade encryption with other useful security features such as DoubleVPN (to reroute your connection through two servers rather than just one), and Obfuscated servers (to conceal the fact that you’re using a VPN). This ensures that users are completely safe from any malware attacks or blocks from VPN firewalls. They also have other helpful features such as a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and split tunneling support so you’ll never have to worry about your data or location being leaked unexpectedly. 

They are proud of their no-logs policy and due to their location, they’re under no legal obligation to store any user data. This, of course, has been verified by an industry-leading auditing firm. 

NordVPN is unbeatable when it comes to offering all of the best features you’d need when traveling to or living in Egypt. No matter what you’re after, whether it’s security, speed, or privacy, NordVPN has you covered. 

Their servers are consistently fast so you’ll be able to stream any content without worrying about buffering or connection drops. They utilize a fantastic feature called NoBorders mode which identifies that a user is in a restrictive region and creates a list of servers that would perform best under these conditions. Surfshark also lets you connect an unlimited amount of devices simultaneously so you’ll be able to protect your family and friends’ devices too. 

All these features plus 24/7 customer support makes Surfshark an optimal choice for newcomers and those who are after a low-cost VPN. If you want quality security and speed for a reasonable price, then look no further than Surfshark. 

VyprVPN is also reliable when it comes to security. They have the standard military-grade encryption and an additional protocol known as “Chameleon” which can bypass firewalls that have been created to identify and block VPNs. This added protection can be extremely useful when you’re accessing the internet from Egypt. 

If you’re looking to stream often when in Egypt, then VyprVPN may not be your best option as their speeds are a tad slower than some of the other top competitors. However, if you just want easy access to restricted VoIP services and unfiltered social media content, then VyprVPN will guarantee you can whilst remaining completely safe and anonymous. If you’re still unsure if VyprVPN is right for you, then you can try out their 30-day money-back guarantee and see for yourself.

Countries such as Egypt have imposed online restrictions that may be a shock to travelers. When you’re entering a new country, you’ll still want to access the same websites, services, and content that you would if you were back home. A VPN makes sure that you can bypass any restrictions and censorship to have a completely unfiltered internet experience while your personal data remains safe and private.