How to Choose a Small Rolling Backpack for Toddlers

How to Choose a Small Rolling Backpack for Toddlers

Children love rolling backpacks. A wheeled backpack is convenient to pull, and your child will not experience back or shoulder pains when using them. They are also perfect for toddlers who’ll be bringing more than what they should carry on their backs. And like all other backpacks, rolling backpacks also have a shoulder strap, so toddlers can easily carry them up the stairs too.

There are quite a lot of small rolling backpacks for toddlers, and if you don’t know what you should be looking out for, it can be a daunting task to pick one. But not to worry. We have included all you need to know to help you get the small rolling backpack for your toddler.

What to Look for When Buying a Toddler Rolling Backpack

If you were getting a backpack for yourself, you’d probably have only a few things on the list of things to consider. However, for your kids, so many things come into play. Here are the factors to consider:

1. Set of Wheels

Well, there’s no rolling backpack without wheels! So, the first thing you should look out for when getting a backpack for your toddler is its set of wheels. Simple, small-sized ones will be good enough to get by, but you’ve got to make sure they are sturdy and durable. One wheel off, and the rolling backpack has lost its charm.

If your child likes to move about with their backpacks, getting one with large wheels is not a bad idea. They’ll provide traction and stability on both smooth and bumpy surfaces.

2. Handle

When you are satisfied with the wheel of the backpack, the next factor to consider is its handle. Since the handle is what your toddler will hold while they roll their bags, you’ve got to make sure they are as comfortable as possible.

For your little one’s backpack, ensure that the handle locks when extended, so they can move about easily. Also, make sure the handle is firmly attached to its shaft so that it doesn’t come off.

Many rolling backpacks come with a telescoping handle. It is simply an extendable handle that allows you to wheel the bag around. A telescoping handle is especially helpful for your toddler and can also make carrying their bag around more fun!

3. Backpack Space

What’s any backpack if it cannot store things? Before you get that fancy looking rolling backpack, make sure it has enough space to take all that your toddler needs. Having more than one compartment is definitely a plus in any kids trolley backpack.

4. Design and Color

Moving on to the things that you’ll need your little one’s input, the design of the rolling backpack is another essential factor to consider. Colorful and well-designed rolling backpacks will definitely catch the eye of your toddler. But you should also find out if it’ll be easy to wash or not (because they’ll mess it up).

5. Size

There are rolling bags of different shapes and sizes. In finding the right one for your child, you’ll need to know how much they’ll put inside their backpack. For example, rolling backpacks for elementary school do not need to have so much space as if it were for a journey. However, we recommend you get a bag with one ample space for your toddler so that you don’t have to buy a new one for every occasion.

6. Comfort

Even though you’ll be getting a rolling backpack for your child, it is also essential that the bag is very comfortable. Often, especially in areas when they cannot roll them, the backpacks will need to be carried. So, make sure their backpack’s strap is made from the right materials and are well-padded. Any lightweight product is a must-have.

7. Warranty

You should always check if the rolling backpack you intend to use has a warranty for defects and workmanship. Such bags will save you from spending a lot of money on getting another one for your kiddo.

8. Other Features

In addition to everything we have already mentioned above, there are other features you may find with many rolling backpacks. Some of these features are more prevalent in bigger backpacks that have a larger main compartment. If you feel your toddler can benefit from the extra space, it is definitely something to consider.

Zippered Pocket: A zippered pocket helps keep your toddler’s items neat and secure. Nothing will fall out if they are sure to zip it up properly when they are done.

Padded Laptop Sleeve: Does your child have a laptop, iPad, or tablet that they carry around with them when you leave the house? Then you may want to consider a padded laptop sleeve or padded back to help keep your electronic devices protected.

Multiple Pockets: What toddler do you know doesn’t have small toys and multiple items they want to carry with them? To free up their hands, it is nice to have multiple pockets available in the child’s backpack.

Pencil Pouch: While not entirely necessary, a pencil pouch can be considered a bonus for your toddler and gives them even more space for organizing their pencils, colored pencils, and crayons.

Retractable Handle: Having a retractable handle is always a plus when your toddler wants to stop rolling the backpack and instead wear it on their back.

Spinner Wheels: Durable and sturdy spinner wheels can be helpful when it comes to easily maneuver the backpack.

Steps to Follow in Getting a Rolling Backpack for Toddlers

Now that we’ve discussed the factors to consider before buying a rolling backpack, here are some addional helpful tips and steps to follow to get the right trolley backpack:

  1. Rank the factors that you should look out for in a rolling backpack for kids. By now, you’ll know that you need the best of some factors listed above. The first step in getting a backpack for your child is to assign ranks to each factor based on the most important to you.
  2. Find a good store where you can get rolling backpacks. Getting a store that sells rolling backpacks shouldn’t be much of a problem. In almost every corner you turn to in every city, there are a decent number of these stores.
  3. Finally, based on the ranked list of the factors to look out for in a rolling backpack, buy the one that satisfies all criteria. You should go with your toddler so that they can see and test their out their new backpacks.

Tips to Using a Mini Rolling Backpack for Toddlers

To make sure you get the best out of this type of backpack, here are a few tips and tricks that you should keep in mind:

How to Clean a Rolling Backpack

Unlike regular backpacks, you should not put this rolling type in a washing machine. The handles and wheels will get damaged, and so will your washing machine. So, what do you do when your child comes home with a dirty rolling backpack?

Here is the proper way to have a rolling backpack cleaned by hand:

  1. Get everything ready before you start cleaning your child’s rolling backpack: You’ll need a soft brush, a clean sponge, detergent-free soap, and a dry towel. You should also get a hand glove to protect your hand from the effect of the detergent-free soap.
  2. Prepare the backpack to be cleaned: Start by removing everything inside the bag and emptying all the pockets. Don’t forget to detach any accessory that the rolling backpack may have.
  3. Brush and shake the backpack: Use the brush to clean the backpack’s exterior so that you knock dust and dirt off it. You can also dust it with a towel.
  4. Clean the zippers of your backpack: Get an old toothbrush and give all the zippers in the bag a good wipe down. This will expand their lifespan and keep them dirt-free.
  5. Use the detergent-free soap to begin washing the inside: Remember to gently clean it so that the color doesn’t fade or the interior doesn’t tear. It’s best if you do this in circular motions. Add an extra drop of detergent-free soap on areas where you find persistent stains, and make sure you don’t pour the soap directly on the backpack. Don’t also forget to give the wheels, support, and handle a good wash.
  6. Air-dry the backpack with a towel: You should never allow the soap you used to clean to dry on the backpack. If you have to put it in the sun, please go ahead.

Our Recommendations for the Best Toddler Rolling Backpack

We felt it necessary to offer you a few recommendations for the best toddler rolling backpack since now you are more than aware of what to look for when purchasing one and how to clean and maintain it even with continued toddler use.

The following are just a few of the best options Amazon has to offer:

1. Disney Buzz Lightyear Rolling Backpack

2. Spiderman Six Wheels Trolley Case

3. GLOOMALL Toddler Backpack with Wheels

Wrap up

Blindly buying any rolling backpack for your little one is a bad idea. There are lots of other things to consider, and we’ve highlighted a decent number of them in this buying guide. With this information at your disposal, you should have all you need to choose a small rolling backpack for your toddler.