What are the Best Rolling Backpacks for Girls?

What are the Best Rolling Backpacks for Girls?

Backpacks have been in use for many years and have seen lots of changes over this time. Other item-carrying bags have been repurposed to suit the style of the backpack and have seen greater integration as more and more people are becoming mobile and have many uses for their purchases. It’s no surprise that girls and boys nowadays love backpacks, and are willing to try different versions of them, most popular being rolling and messenger bags.

The humble backpack, which formerly was just for carrying books to and from school, can take on multiple roles, including the briefcase, suitcase, storage device, laptop bag, and many other uses. Following on with the statement that the backpack has taken over the suitcase, more and more backpacks have incorporated wheels to accomplish this.

In the push to provide better support for people’s backs, wheel added backpacks are easier to pull around and can also be used as a replacement for travel luggage, which is frequently large, heavy, and not at all fun to carry on your back. This guide aims to devise the best method of choosing the best rolling backpacks, in particular for girls.

Your Ultimate Rolling Backpack Guide – Reviews of the Best Rolling Backpacks for Girls


J World New York Sunrise Rolling Backpack

This is one of the rolling backpacks for girls that is the perfect size for both schooling and traveling because it comes with a wide compartment that can easily fit most of your belongings. It also comes with a number of pockets that you can use for easier organization.

Made from 100% polyester, the fabric can be easily cleaned, and hand-washed in case of dirt, stains, and spills. It is 10” high and 14” wide, which is the right size for girls in grade school or high school.


There are a variety of colors and designs to choose from; there are about 27 choices for both boys and girls. The latter will definitely love the pastel colors, ranging from pinks and purples to sky blues. The combination of patterns and wonderful colors make up for a very eye-catching piece.

The prints vary; there are flowers, swirls, geometric patterns, etc. The interior is roomy enough for books, electronic gadgets (although there’s no provision for laptops and tablets), and pieces of clothing.

The bag’s hardware is pretty solid, although it does give a cheap plastic feel, especially the bottom part near the pair of front stands. The handles are pretty standard; it can be adjusted to the desired height of the user and can be tucked in securely when you decide to use it as a backpack.

Thick padding protects the metal parts of the handle, so nothing will protrude against your back when carried. The wheels are sturdy enough to take some beating and long walking.


Maneuver the handle with care; don’t let it swing from side to side, especially if you’re carrying a lot of stuff because the plastic handles aren’t that durable, as many customers have complained. The handlebar is prone to cracks, and over time, it may snap off completely.

Also, don’t carry the bag through the handlebar; instead, they use the built-in handle atop of the bag. The zippers of the bag are pretty substandard as well, so minimize pulling and tugging hard.

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JanSport Driver 8 Core Series Wheeled Backpack

This core series rolling backpack for girls is one of the most expensive backpacks out of the bunch listed here. It is because of the high-quality materials used to construct this product. You will know when you feel the thick fabric used, coated so it will repel low levels of liquid. The fabric is composed of 600D Poly and 420D Velocity.

Pulling it behind you is also very easy and lightweight despite having so much inside the backpack because of the smooth-gliding wheels. The wheels are etched with tractions for stability control. This is perfect for pavements, rocky paths, and dirt paths.


It comes with a single-pole retractable handle that can be easily adjusted and locked depending on the desired height of the user. It has two large compartments to give you more room for your stuff and ease of organization. This wheeled backpack is perfect for use for both school and travel as it can endure both heavy weights and long walks. There is a padded sleeve inside that fits a 15” laptop and other electronic devices like tablets and phones.

Other storage features are a large compartment in front that comes with an organizer for your smaller items such as keys, coins, pens, clips, etc. It also has a front zippered stash pocket for stuff you want to access quickly, a side mesh pocket for your water bottle.

The shoulder straps can be tucked away when not in use and can be simply pulled out of cover. The straps are padded as well as the back for additional comfort.


Many owners complained about the flimsy handle that breaks up only after a few months of use. Although this hasn’t happened to many of the customers (the majority of reviewers were satisfied with the overall quality of the product), for something that is over a hundred dollars, this JanSport bag should be doing better than expected. Also, there’s not much design for girls; it comes in three colors in Amazon: Black, Pink Pansy Preston Plaid, and Viking Red.

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High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Book Bag Backpack

This bag has a large main compartment, perfect for grade-schoolers or high school students who lug a lot of books, binders, and folders. Travelers will also feel satisfied with this bag because of its sturdy materials; it can endure hours of being lugged behind as well as thrown into the plane storage.


Aside from the roomy space inside the main compartment, there’s also a padded computer sleeve that holds laptops up to 17 inches. There’s also a large zippered front compartment that has several pockets and an organizer to hold your smaller things such as keys, pens, clips, chargers, phones, etc., better.

It also has a media pocket so you can listen to your iPod on the go. The corner-mounted wheels are also smooth sailing; you can pull it behind you with ease no matter what the surface is.

This wheeled backpack is comfortable to use, whether lugged or lifted. The single-tube telescoping handles adjust accordingly and are tucked away inside a padded panel when not in use. The straps, meanwhile, are contoured according to the body’s natural shape. It is also padded and meshed and is easily adjustable for the wearer’s comfort.


This bag is heavy, even when empty at five pounds. If you’re going to put a lot into it, don’t expect that you’ll be able to carry it for long, especially if you have to go up a flight of stairs. The weight is not a problem when you’re going to roll the backpack simply, but if you’re going to carry it, you might have a difficult time. Owners don’t recommend it for students in grade school with small frames, especially girls.

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Pink Horse Rolling Backpack

This is one of the great choices of rolling backpacks for girls because of the pink color, and the prints are really cute. It also functions well, having lots of exterior pockets that help in better organization and a large main interior where books, folders, and binders can fit easily. Although it doesn’t have a padded pocket for your laptop and other electronic devices, it can also fit in quite easily.


This rolling backpack is made of 100% polyester with 600-denier fabric. Because of the tight-knit of the fabric, you’re sure that it won’t easily rip. The seams are also well stitched, especially around the zippers, where most of the force is stressed.

Two large pockets in the front can be used to store electronic devices and other small supplies such as pens, papers, clips, etc. The pockets are also padded so it can double as a lunchbox, so you don’t have to bring an extra bag.

There is a side mesh pocket for your water bottle on one side, and one zippered pocket on the other side for items that you want to access easily. The bottom is made of sturdy rubber to hold all the weight effectively. The straps are not hidden, but they don’t interfere while rolling the backpack. It is padded to ensure comfort while worn.


Customers complained about the handle of the backpack because it is prone to being pulled right out of the bag. If this happens, the bag is pretty much useless. Cases like this are very few, so it must have been because of poor quality control. Good thing, the company is very eager to give customer assistance and is quick at replacing broken bags.

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Rockland Luggage 19-Inch Rolling Backpack Printed

This is one of those rolling backpacks for girls made of 100% polyester material that is 10” high and 13” wide. It is great for lugging books, notebooks, and folders for school but not so much for traveling, as it doesn’t feel sturdy enough for long-haul plane travels.


The bag is very roomy for all the stuff you’ll need for school. Packed lunch, extra set of clothing, and other essentials can fit in along with your school needs. There’s also a built-in laptop compartment that can house up to 15-inch screen size. There’s a front pocket to house all smaller items for easier organization. It comes with a single aluminum handle and padded straps for carrying.


The zippers and the cloth itself aren’t made from the best materials out there as it showed signs of wear and tear only after a few months of use, as reported by unsatisfied customers. Although the zippers can still be fixed, it’s quite a hassle as you’re paying about $50 for substandard quality.

Also, if anything breaks (such as the handle, which is the most important part of the bag), you can’t have it replaced or repaired, as the company doesn’t offer a warranty.

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HollyHOME Large Wheeled Rolling Backpack

This wheeled rolling backpack is suitable for girls and women. It is one of the lighter weight backpacks you will find that still has plenty of pockets for organization including a foam padded laptop compartment.


This backpack can easily fit a 15-inch laptop, and the outer pocket can hold all necessary items used daily, including pens, flash drives, keys, and hand sanitizer. The aluminum alloy rod is durable and can be used even in the rain and has passed several tests ensuring its durability as it is moved up and down frequently.

The backpack is designed with high-density PP unidirectional wheels and a special back design. Simply turn down the back cushion to cover the wheels and keep your clothes clean while wearing it. The thick and wide shoulder straps were designed for comfort. It also has a cotton handle on the top of the bag and a padded back.


Some people have reported that if you overfill this bag, you need to make sure to somehow counterbalance the weight, so the bag doesn’t tip over. It also doesn’t fit the smaller lockers at school, so some found themselves having to empty the backpack of some of its contents before it could be placed inside the locker.

Some also feel that the main compartment isn’t large enough to carry all of their books; however, it was a good amount of space for others.

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Tilami Rolling Backpack

This Tilami rolling backpack for girls is a suitable choice for travel and school. It has enough space to hold everything you will need, and its design is beautifully functional. When using this backpack, it is recommended that you keep the straps tucked inside the padded back panel when not in use. Also, do not wobble the rod.


This backpack is made from a durable and high-quality polyester material so it can withstand daily trips to school or traveling. If traveling, it is a suitable size for all major US airlines, so you don’t have to worry about the bag being too big before a trip.

The main feature of this Tilami bag is its impressive design and pattern. It is also a good bag for organizing as it has different sized pockets that can hold keys, binders, cellphone, books, and so much more. It also has a padded laptop compartment.

It also features the Tilami Armor Protection System that can protect the backpack from collision damage while extending its life. The uniquely designed wheel covers are good for when you go from rolling the backpack to wearing it on your back.


This bag, when full, can be top-heavy and can fall forward easily. Some also reported that the extendable handle of this rolling backpack doesn’t lock when it is fully extended. When you overfill the bag, it does become extremely heavy as well and can be harder to carry on your back. The zippers aren’t the best quality either, and some reported the zippers breaking within a couple of months of regular use.

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How to Select the Right Rolling Backpack

Kids walking with their wheeled backpacks.

Intended Use

Wheeled backpacks are useful for many reasons, but they help to achieve many purposes as well. Why would you need durable wheels on a backpack, you ask? That is to prevent you from having to carry it on your back.

Despite the name, these should, in most be used only on wheels. Rolling backpacks are usually quite large, and their intended purpose is for use as luggage carriers.

This means that you’ll be filling it up with lots of clothes and other items that will be cumbersome and heavy as well. Unless, of course, you use them in everyday life, these backpacks will most likely not be used for occasions such as going to school or to and from work.

The use of rolled backpacks does not change between men and women, so you won’t have any trouble finding rolling backpacks for girls unless, of course, you are looking for a particular style, design, or sometimes color.


As mentioned previously, when choosing the best rolling backpack for girls, you will want to consider the design. Will the overall design of the rolling backpack be a major issue when purchasing for the intended person?

Most of the designs you will find at stores which sell rolling backpacks or even travel stores will mainly be simple color designs, usually with a base color (E.g., Blue, Red, Green, etc.) and a primer color that is much darker or contrasting (E.g., Grey, Black, or white if the backpack is black).

Whilst you can also find more feminine colors such as pink and purple, you’re more likely to find the base color mentioned previously. Despite this, it is still quite possible to purchase designs as well and even find distinctive brand designs, although, for the most part, there are more base colors than stylized.


When picking the best rolling backpack for girls, you might initially forget about durability over the style and design choices, but it plays just as important a role as any. Durability in rolling backpacks is the most important feature of choosing which should never be forgotten.

A highly durable rolling backpack helps to accomplish the main intended purpose, which is used in multiple environments where it can be affected by adverse stress such as stretching from being overloaded, being thrown about in luggage compartments, and being carried and pulled around many times.

Thinking exclusively of rolling backpacks purchased for travel purchases, you will want a backpack that can last you at least five years. Having a backpack that can reach this age under the constraints of travel is important, as you do not want a backpack that is full of your belongings, which cannot maintain it while you’re in a foreign country and your belongings are all in one place. It is also nice to have a rolling backpack that can fit comfortably and easily into the overhead compartment of an airplane.


If you can see yourself also carrying around this backpack on your back, aside from carting it around on wheels, then you will want to ensure that it is comfortable. One feature you should be aware of is any sort of metal frame inside the rolling backpack.

You can find a kid’s rolling backpack that actually has metal frames near the back, helping it to keep its shape and prevent it from collapsing on itself. While this helps create more space and stop items from getting squashed, it can be very uncomfortable, mainly when the rolling backpack is worn on your back.

Comfort in a backpack resides in padding, particularly in the back and the shoulder straps. Los of padding will be needed around the lower back and also on the shoulder straps, as these parts of your body will bear the most weight. Additionally, the layout of the backpack can determine where the weight will shift onto your body where worn.

Backpacks that slump more when full of items will tend to add more pressure to your lower back and cause you to lean forward, which can cause much pain over prolonged periods and even in the short term.


Compartmentalization should be considered if you intended to take items in and out of your backpack or if you just want more pockets in general. Having smaller pockets on the outside can help with putting fewer essential items in your rolling backpack that can be easily accessed at a moment’s notice.

This goes without saying; they should not be used to put important items such as travel documents or important certificates. More pockets should allow for more places to store items, but it should be noted that the more pockets are available on the outside, you’ll most likely have less overall space in the internal body of the backpack.


It might seem a bit absurd to mention wheels, but depending on how often you use the mobility function of a rolling backpack, it can be an essential factor.  The wheels will take the brunt of the weight when you’re pulling around a rolling backpack, with some having better quality wheels than others.

When looking into the wheels, try to investigate the material they are made out of. Simple plastics that don’t look too diverse will not be able to withstand much pressure, nor will they have been installed to a degree where they can handle much abuse.

Higher quality wheels will tend to look like a plastic rubber, and usually have both sides covered like how a motorcycle wheel has connections on both sides, rather than have one side exposed similarly to a car wheel.

The rubber plastic material of the wheel will also produce a smoother ride, as it has higher absorption and also will create less noise when being pulled or pushed across gravelly or uneven road.


The handle is a much smaller issue when selecting the best rolling backpack for girls, although you may have a preference over the other. Some backs will offer handles with only one poll and “T” handle similar to that of a walking stick or cane, while others will have two extending poles that have a bridge handle connecting them.

It is up to you to determine which ones are best. Comparatively, both offer the same function and do not necessarily have any benefit over the other; it is simply a matter of personal opinion. If you’re not comfortable with the ‘T” handle spreading your fingers apart when holding onto the handle and you much prefer to have a solid hand grip around the handle, then the bridging handle would be a better choice.


Having a small or large rolling backpack is not an issue, although it should be determined by your intended use, as previously mentioned. You can get quite large rolling backpacks that can hold several clothes and other items, making it perfect for long overseas travel.

Alternatively, if you’re perhaps only taking a day trip somewhere, you can get smaller rolling backpacks that will be able to fit a modest amount of items but be less cumbersome to carry around and still easy to pull while it is on its wheels.


Most rolling backpacks will set you back around $40 average, although you can find ones ranging from as low as $20 up to $150. When deciding on one based on price, you’re much better off purchasing a rolling backpack that is close to the average or higher. When it comes to purchasing any items that relate to baggage or luggage, you want the best quality you can get, and price should not be the defining factor.

Advantages of Rolling Backpacks

Rolling backpacks are much more versatile than other more traditional backpack styles. You can go from rolling it around to wearing it directly on your back when needed.

Whether you often travel or go to school daily, a roller backpack is ideal because it is compact, trendy, and incredibly easy to handle. It provides the flexibility a young girl needs as they go through their day.

Efficiency is always an advantage of rolling backpacks. Sometimes carrying too much weight on your back and shoulders can get to be too much. So, having the option to roll the backpack further pushes its efficiency even higher.


As was mentioned previously, a rolling bag needs to be strong, tough, and durable, especially in situations where you will be carrying it along with you. You do not want to be stuck in a foreign location with a large, full bag that is broken. Selecting from these best girls rolling backpacks should not be any different for any other gender or age group, as usability is a crucial feature. In most cases, this is directly related to the price that you pay.