What is a Backpack Rapper?

What is a Backpack Rapper?

So, what or who is a backpack rapper? No doubt, this is one BIG question that’s generated a lot of conflicting views in the backpacking niche. Well, it’s time to bury the hatchet with our extensive review of backpack rappers.

Backpack rappers, considered the real rap artists by some, are a source of discord amidst rap lovers with a signature backpack on their shoulders. These types of rappers have created huge underground movements that have endeared them to fans around the world. So, who are the backpack rappers, and how is the word ‘backpack’ a part of their identity. 

Before we proceed, allow us to tell you a little bit about backpack rappers. 

What is a Backpack Rapper? 

According to Urban dictionary, backpack rappers are people who focus and rap on real issues as opposed to commercial or mainstream rappers who rap about money or pimping. Although the term backpack rapper originally started based on rappers who stay away from commercial rap, we’ve had quite a few backpackers like Nas and Kanye West make the transition to commercial music. 

Also referred to as the alternative hip hop, these backpackers refuse to not only produce commercial rap music, but they also refuse to conform to the traditional stereotypical rap – bass, gangsta, pop, and hardcore. They, instead,  draw inspiration from genres such as blues, reggae, soul, funk, and even rock. 

So, how did the phrase ‘backpack rapper’ come into being? Here’s how!


History of Backpack Rappers

Curious to learn how it all began? The term stemmed from the backpacks slung over the shoulder of alternative hip hop rappers in the early 80’s. These backpacks were packed with rhyme books and spray cans. Yes, backpack rappers were also graffiti artists back in the day. 

More so, they live by the rule: “It doesn’t belong if it doesn’t fit into a backpack”. Although this style began with graffiti artists, people involved in alternative hip hop popularized the trend with over-sized backpacks. 

So, we believe you know enough about backpack rappers now. How about we explore some common backpacks used by these artists now? 

Backpacks Commonly Used By Backpack Rappers

For this article, we will examine a few of the backpacks used by popular backpack rappers like Kanye West and Nas.

1. HAI XING123: Men And Women RUBIE Kanye West Bear Backpacks

Here’s a versatile backpack made from 100 percent durable polyester. It’s absolutely washing machine friendly and easy to maintain. By following basic instructions, such as avoid bleaching and not soaking it for too long, you’re good to go.


2. NBA Young-boy Theme Backpack

Heavy-duty construction, multiple pocket spaces, and aesthetics are the core of every backpack. This backpack features a graphic design of American rapper, NBA Young-Boy. Set against a black background, it stands out and it’s a perfect backpack for your rap needs.



3. ASAP Rocky American Canvas Backpacks

Galaxy print is the new rave! This stylish backpack features a simplistic design that exudes the beauty of colors coupled with a portable build.



4. Canvas Backpack Kanye West Innovative Neutral Minimalist Style Black

Here’s the last but definitely not the least on our list. With a night black color tone and a simplistic design, this backpack has caught the attention of lovers of this genre – alternative hip hop.



Wrapping Up 

Finally, we’ve put the bone of contention – what is a backpack rapper, to rest. With our extensive review on this theme, you can easily trace the history and influence of this genre on modern society and fashion.