How to Select Kindergarten Backpacks for Girls?

How to Select Kindergarten Backpacks for Girls?

Your toddler is excited for her first day or returns to school after the fun holidays are over. What better way to motivate her more than to take her shopping for school supplies, new school shoes, and a new kindergarten backpack?

It will be a fun bonding time with your daughter and a great inspiration for her to go back to school if she’s not ready yet! After all, kids love having endless vacations where they could play all day long.

Before you purchase the perfect kindergarten bag for her that she will treasure for years to come, make sure to rely on what she likes; do your research too on what to get that will be comfortable and suitable for her needs. Kids would just focus on the design; they won’t bother with anything else. As a parent, it’s your duty to pick the one that best suits her.

Although it doesn’t seem very important, you should play a role in the choosing process. Here we have listed some factors that you should consider when selecting your child’s best kindergarten backpack.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Kindergarten Backpack

Here are several factors to consider when selecting a kindergarten backpack. However, you can also keep in mind that you can use these backpacks for outings other than school. If you need the backpack for a small day trip or vacation, you may find some of our recommended choices suitable.


Kids in kindergarten won’t really need a big bag because they won’t be bothered with carrying lots of books and binders. Most of their stuff to be used for school will be stored by teachers in their school lockers, and if they have to take home some books for homework, it would be very minimal.

This is because kids aren’t supposed to carry a lot of stuff to and from school. They’re small and frail. Plus, it’s unhealthy for their backs, shoulders, and legs to be carrying a lot of weight early on. With this in mind, purchase something small for your daughter’s backpack. Think of having enough space for one notebook and a few class items like pencils, crayons, and erasers.


What matters most for a child is the design of her kindergarten backpack. If you can, take her with you when you go shopping for backpacks so she can choose what she likes best. This is so she will take good care and love her backpack. You don’t want to invest in something that she will only be interested in for a few months. Make sure her fascination with it lasts.

Popular cartoon characters may catch the fancy of your daughter. You can arm yourself with this information if she doesn’t tag along with you in shopping. Popular choices for girls are the Disney Princesses, Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse, and many more.


If your kid’s backpack’s main purpose is for school, get one that will last a while. Although your child will love super cute bags, you won’t want to get one based solely on the looks. You want one that will last an entire school year or more to save you from getting bags during the middle of the school year or every year.

Also, get one that you can easily wash without breaking easily. Kids are prone to get into a mess, such as food stains, paints, dirt, mud, and whatnot. You can also get a backpack that may be used not only for school but also for travel.


It is also important to note that the above design and structure, the comfort the backpack can give, is also vital. Kids will lug their backpacks all the time, so you want to get something that would fit right through their small body frame without putting too much pressure on their backs and shoulders. As previously mentioned, they aren’t supposed to be carrying a lot of weight at such an early age.

Still, it is important to have something that would feel right as they have it perched on their backs. Get something that has padded straps and has soft cloth, as it would be rubbing against their sensitive skin all the time.

If you can, also find something that has a padded back for added support. As for the backpack ergonomics, pick one that has a drawstring and magnetic snap, which is perfect for little hands to open and close.


Pockets and other dedicated compartments are always good to have for a school bag but won’t necessarily be found with some of the best kindergarten backpacks because they are on the smaller side. So, keep this in mind as you look for the best kindergarten backpack. Some might be big enough to hold a water bottle, but the majority may not be.


Cost is always a factor no matter what kind of item it is you are purchasing. The best kindergarten backpack doesn’t have to be expensive. There are several affordable choices to choose from with classic and fun designs your child is sure to love. Try to avoid the cheaper bags that may be made with lower-quality materials that just aren’t as durable. However, also remember that what your child likes now most likely will change in a year.

You should also have enough room for snacks and lunch, and a change of clothes. Make sure that all these are light enough for your child to carry. Here are just a few of our recommendations for a good-sized kindergarten backpack:

Skip Hop Zoo Safety Harness

It comes with a tether that you can use to guide your toddler wherever she goes. It also has enough room for all the stuff mentioned above while still being small, cute, and just right for your daughter. This bag comes in various designs and characters your child will love, including an owl, butterfly, dino, dog, fox, giraffe, ladybug, monkey, bee, and unicorn.

This backpack for kids has a detachable leash making it safe for use when out. It is great for traveling or for those trips to the zoo or the store. It is also a good-sized backpack for kindergarteners and won’t weigh them down or make carrying it to school uncomfortable.

The shoulder strap is adjustable to find the perfect fit for your child, and the top grab handle makes it easier for little hands. It also has one exterior pocket to hold smaller items and a zippered main compartment to keep everything safe and secure but still easily accessible.


Some parents have said that they pinch their fingers with the hard to use clip-on harness that attaches to this small backpack. They also find it difficult at times to put the harness on their daughter because it just isn’t easy to close. The outer mesh pocket may also not be big enough to hold a sippy cup or bottle of water.

Your daughter will surely love the design for the:

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Hello Kitty Backpack

This Hello Kitty backpack is perfect for any kindergartener setting out on their journey through school. It is small and compact and made of an easy to clean and durable polyester material. It has a zippered main compartment and a front zippered compartment to hold everything your child needs for school.


This bag is small and compact, making it easy for a young kid to carry, but the main compartment is still big enough to hold your child’s bento box for lunch. It is perfect for a smaller child and has a beautifully printed Hello Kitty design on the front of the backpack. The adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to fit your child and find the most comfortable way to carry the backpack.


The inner compartment is not deep enough to carry a water bottle, which some might not like if the backpack is intended for school use. Due to its small size, this backpack may be better suited for younger kids.

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Kids Backpack for Elementary School

This is a slightly larger kindergarten backpack when compared to the others on our list. It is made from durable polyester material and has a thick padded back. It is the ideal first bag for starting school and can be carried through the younger elementary years.

It has a spacious main compartment that has a pocket/laptop sleeve that is capable of holding a 15-inch laptop. It also has two straight open pockets as well that can hold other, smaller items. The two outer front pockets allow for more organization. Each has one zip pocket and two stretch mesh pockets on the side that are good for holding a water bottle for school.

The reflective fabric improves visibility, making it safer for your child walking to school or getting on and off the bus.


This child’s backpack does have some plastic pieces that aren’t as durable or strong and may not hold up as expected. You also can’t tighten the straps, so you may not be able to find that perfect fit for your little ones.

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14 Peaks Classic Kids Backpack

This bag will prove to be just the right size for your new kindergartener. It comes in two different sizes: a medium at 12.5-inches and a large at 14-inches. It also comes in two colors” gray or teal. It comes with an accompanying chest strap and two water bottle holders.


This is a great bag for kindergarten because of how lightweight and spacious it is. There is plenty of room to carry everything your new student needs, including a water bottle. The shoulder straps are adjustable to achieve the best fit, and the material is durable and water-resistant.

It is also a very stylish choice and features faux leather accents, metal rivets, buckles, and an easy-open button-flap so your child can easily access the large zippered pouch.


The zippers aren’t considered heavy duty but should last through normal use and wear and tear.

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Whatever you and your daughter pick for her back to school kindergarten backpack, make sure that it’s one that she really likes, but also one that you have approved.

Although the design is important for the child, you also want something that is the right size, the right price and provides the best comfort possible. You also want to invest in a good one, so it’ll last years of use. With the right kindergarten backpack, your child will be excited to go to school every single day.

If you want to explore more options or are considering a larger bag, then check out our review of some of the best rolling backpacks for girls.