How to Select Backpacks for Preschoolers?

How to Select Backpacks for Preschoolers?

After you, as the parent, have done all the hauling for your child, it’s time to let him/her tote his own belongings now that he’s in preschool. In the upcoming opening of classes, make your child’s school year more wonderful by buying a preschool backpack for him that he will surely love.

Although choosing the right backpack for your toddler sounds like an easy feat, there are still some things that you need to consider to make the experience much enjoyable for your child. Bear in mind, that although kids would go for total cuteness, as a parent, you need to think out of the box and consider other factors too, when getting a bag.

Planning and choosing wisely will save you bucks in the long run as you minimize the risk of having to replace the bag only after a few months of use. If you’re lucky, your child might even use the same bag for school years in a row. In this article, read through what you should look for in a backpack for preschoolers.

What to consider when selecting a backpack for preschoolers?

Size: Most bag sizes for preschoolers are around the same dimensions. This is because manufacturers and designers know that toddlers aren’t capable (and shouldn’t be) carrying too much stuff in their backpacks. They won’t bother yet with too much books and notebooks. All they will care about is a pad paper and crayon where they can scribble and draw.

In most cases, the preschool will also provide all those for your kids. They are responsible for all the school supplies used by your child, so he doesn’t need to bring his own to school, thereby lightening the load of his backpack. Therefore, what your child would need in it are packed lunch or snacks, a change of clothes, and probably his favorite toy. A mid-sized bag that fits all your child’s necessities for a day that won’t overwhelm his small figure is the:

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack

Design: This is where the fun really is at when it comes to selecting backpacks for preschoolers. Admit it, not only the child is having fun when you go backpack shopping, but you as well because you can’t help but giggle at the cute designs, shapes, and appliques you see. More so that sometimes parents ignore what their kids want just to get the one that catches your attention the most.

Your boy would probably swoon at this bag, the:

DC Comics Batman “Molded Chest” 16″ Children’s School Backpack

The cute 3D six-pack abs in front is enough to make other boys jealous of him. For girls, there is the pink and adorable cartoon character.


Minnie Mouse Face – 12 Inches

It is small and cute enough for toddlers and it is well constructed and durable.

Remember, just because you want glitters don’t mean your daughter will too. Your child will be the one who will use the backpack and will get stuck with it for years and although it seems like toddlers are too young to care, make sure that your child is the one who picks up what he wants. If your child doesn’t appreciate it, chances are, he won’t use it for long, unless he’s forced.

Comfort: Probably the most important thing a bag should be if the child is intended to carry the bag for long walks. You want something that he won’t feel irritated in or else, he’ll throw it onto the ground and you’ll have to carry it for him. It breaks the intention of giving your child freedom to carry his belongings and you’re also making it difficult for yourself, as the parent.

Therefore, find a bag that is comfortable and lightweight, as if it’s not there. Get something that has padded straps so it won’t dig into your child’s skin once the bag is filled with stuff. You want something that evenly distributes the weight onto both shoulders and not force your child into an undesirable posture.

You also want to get something that is easily accessible for them. Their little hands should easily pick up their stuff; you don’t want them fishing inside their bag for too long or taking out all the stuff inside just to find the one they’re looking for. Even the locks, the straps, the zippers should be very child-friendly.

Brica By-My-Side Safety Harness Backpack

Has comfortable padded straps and is the right size for the frame of your toddler. It also has an additional function, which is great for parents, an optional tether so you can hold onto your and guide him while walking. This is removable so your child can freely use the backpack without it for years to come.

Purpose: Decide whether the backpack you are about to purchase is only intended for preschool, or you want it to be used by your child for other purposes it may serve such as travelling, going for a day-visit to the grandparents, going to the mall or park, etc. If that’s the case, you want to get one that is very durable for it to last for a lot of uses.

Also, get something that has thick enough fabric so that no water could easily penetrate the bag. It should also be easily washable as the kids can create quite a mess and have food stains or dirt all over the bag. A bag that is easily washable by hand is the:


Stephen Joseph Boys 2-7 Sidekick Backpack

Once washed, you don’t have to wait for too long for it to be used again as the 100% polyester material is fast drying.



Don’t forget to bring your child when going shopping for bags so that he/she can pick the one he really likes. Also examine the backpack carefully to know if the size is enough for his belongings, if it’s comfortable for his small frame, and if it’s durable enough to endure a lot of beatings.