Messenger Bags for Schoolgirls Reviews: How to Select the Best Messenger Bag for Girls?

Messenger Bags for Schoolgirls Reviews: How to Select the Best Messenger Bag for Girls?

Looking for the perfect bag for the upcoming beginning of classes? If you have been a backpack user before, you might find shifting to messenger bags a new and fun experience. Once in your schooling life, you ought to try using a messenger bag as it is more convenient and efficient if you’re not carrying too much stuff to school.

Choosing the right messenger bag is important because you don’t want to suddenly tire out of it only after a few months of use. You want it to last for the entire school year or more. Make sure to take some time and don’t buy a messenger bag or anything on impulse as you might regret it in the future.

Before you being your shopping, take some time to read on this article where you’ll find tips on how to select the best messenger bag for girls and some reviews of the top-rated bags on Amazon.

What are the factors to consider when selecting the best messenger bags for girls?

Size: How big your messenger bag is depending on your needs is important. If you are bringing a few books, a binder, and some school supplies like pens, clips, and papers, you won’t need too much room. It will also save you from lugging a large empty bag, making you look smaller than you really are.

On the other hand, if you’re going to lug a laptop and other electronic devices apart from your daily school inclusions, you might consider getting a sturdy bag with provision for a laptop sleeve.

This way, all your stuff won’t be tumbling inside. Consider also your frame; if you’re too skinny or short, a large messenger bag might overwhelm you. You might look like you’re carrying a sack to school, which may start some teasing and bullying. No one likes that.

Structure: You want to get a bag that is sturdy enough to handle all your belongings. Like what was previously mentioned get ones that has compartments for your laptop, your tablet, and other smaller supplies for school.

This is good because you’ll be able to organize your stuff easily, and find what you need in a jiffy. This prevents you from fishing too much inside your bag to get the things you need, or to take out everything just to find what you’re looking for.

The straps of the messenger bag are important too. Since you will be carrying the weight in one shoulder, consider getting a bag that has sturdy straps that won’t give away easily. Check the stitches found on each side of the bag if they are well made. Oftentimes, the side stitches are the ones that give up easily when it comes to messenger bags.

Comfort: The straps that rest on your shoulder should be padded to give more comfort on your shoulder. You don’t want to get a thin one as it can dig into your skin, which may cause bruises over time. Also find something that has a handle on the top middle portion of the bag so you can easily lift it, easing the weight from your shoulders, when needed.

For safety concerns, it’s good to get a bag that has a zippered closure underneath the flap. This is advised so your belongings won’t spill in case the bag is held sideways or upside down.

What are the best messenger bags for girls?

Ogio Midtown Women’s Laptop/Tablet Messenger Bag

The materials are made of fully padded fleece and nylon for comfortable use and wear. It has an elastic closure underneath the flap while Velcro secures the latter. The inside is very roomy; it can fit in books and a 15” laptop (depends on the size you get, the Ogio messenger bag comes in medium, large, and one size).

It comes in a lot of colors that most girls will find cute. It has added applique button designs in front, which makes it even more adorable but still muted. There are two pockets in front for your small items and another one at the back where you can put more important stuff.

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Pink Sparse Tranquility 15.4 inch Laptop Padded Compartment Shoulder Messenger Bag for K-Cliffs Lifestyle

This is a pretty huge bag, perfect for school where you have to carry a lot of stuff with you like books, binders, and some electronic devices. To give you an idea of its sheer size, it can fit in 15” laptops easily and still has room for your school needs.

The main compartment can be tightened through a cord so none of your belongings would slide out, while Velcro secures the flap. Underneath the flap is a zippered compartment where you can put smaller items such as calculator, keys, pens, chargers, phone, etc.

Retro Leather Canvas School College Messenger Briefcase Satchel Handbag iPad Bag

No girl would turn away from this ultra-chic messenger bag with authentic leather flap, handle, and strap. The canvas body is made of high quality thick materials while the hardware is made of brass. It has compartments for your 14” laptop and tablet, and is roomy enough for other school items such as books and A4 sized folders, notebooks, and papers.

It comes in a lot of muted colors that classy girls would love: Army Green, Coffee, Dark Grey, Green, and Khaki. The flap is secured by magnetic closures, one on each buckle. Underneath the flap are two useful pockets where you can place smaller items. Overall, the bag is very sturdy and holds its shape well.


Whatever messenger bag for school you pick, make sure that it’s really the one you want. Don’t buy something half-heartedly; otherwise you wouldn’t appreciate it enough to use it for a long time. If you’re going to spend on something anyway, splurge and buy something that is practical, yet have all the qualities you look for in a bag. There are many choices out there, the ones listed here are just the picks suited for school but you can surely find something out there that tickles your fancy.