7 of The Best Backpacks with Water Bottle Holders – 2020

7 of The Best Backpacks with Water Bottle Holders – 2020

Backpacks with water bottle holders are slightly underrated. How? Allow me to explain. For the better part of your life as an adult human being, up to half of your entire body is made of water. Now, we already have relatively large volumes in our bodies. Ironically, despite that, we still need to consume significant amounts daily. The reason behind that, though, is not too surprising.

Water helps with a lot of bodily functions. So much so that you can’t choose to not drink some for extended periods. It is even more essential when your body is active, such as while traveling or hiking. 

These activities are very dehydrating. So, you must have a way of carrying some water with you while doing them. Hence, the need for backpacks with water bottle holders.

Sadly, despite its importance, few people focus on this feature of backpacks online. Thus, we will be telling you about backpacks with water bottle compartments. In the process, we’ll make a few purchase recommendations.

Our Top 3 Picks

The internet offers you a lot of information. Unfortunately, sometimes, it can be a bit of an overload. For that reason, we have narrowed down your options. Here are our top three choices of backpacks that come with water bottle holders:

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  1. Travelon Anti-theft Classic BackpackThis backpack is absolutely great for traveling. It provides a ridiculously huge amount of security and, of course, space for your water bottle.
  2. Adidas Stadium II BackpackAlmost completely built for athletes, its design is sleek and pleasant to look at. Additionally, it provides you with ample space and compartments for your sports gear.
  3. Nike Vapor Power Graphic Training BackpackThis is an excellent multifunctional backpack with water bottle compartments. It is great for sports, work, school, hiking, etc.

What Are Backpacks With Water Bottle Holders?

The definition of this seems like a no-brainer. However, some people still mix it up with a different kind of backpack. To avoid that confusion, you need to keep one thing in mind. Not all side pockets in backpacks were made to carry water bottles. It might seem just a tad different from what could be the conventional thinking but stay with us here. 

Now, you must’ve come across those nice-looking leather backpacks with side compartments. The compartments usually have a lid and a button to fasten them for security. Those weren’t made to hold water. You can tell by their inelasticity. This usually prevents them from accommodating different water bottle sizes.

A water bottle holder backpack is very much like a regular backpack. However, it has a side compartment for keeping bottles. The bottles could then contain whatever beverage you want from water to soda. This additional feature is the major difference between water bottle backpacks and regular backpacks. Sometimes, the side compartments are made of mesh material. However, one of their distinguishing features is their elasticity. It allows them to take in whatever size you want to insert into them.

What are the best backpacks that have water bottle holders?

To assist in your decision-making process, we’ve gone through the trouble of doing extensive research on different backpacks. As a result, the following are best backpacks with water bottle compartments:

1. AmazonBasics Classic School Backpack (Best for school use)

This backpack is incredibly simple, not putting too much effort into looks. Its main aims are functionality as well as durability. It is perfectly suited for school alongside some other activities. It also meets your need for a water bottle holder. However, its features do not just stop there. Let us see what else it has to offer.

For starters, the bag itself does not have any inner framing. As such, it is very light. It does not add an unnecessary amount of weight to whatever luggage you will be carrying within.

In addition to that, it has just the right amount of compartments for you to use. Some of the most noticeable are the laptop compartment and the main luggage space. Besides those is a reasonably large zippered compartment on the backside. There, you can keep whatever fits. For ease of use and comfort, the backpack has wide and well-padded shoulder straps too.

Product SpecificationDimensions: 12.2 x 6 x 15.8 inchesWeight: 13.9 ounces



Final Thoughts

If you merely wanted to carry around water bottles in a backpack, this has just the right thing for you. However, alongside that, it also has enough space for a few bits of luggage. Besides being waterproof, this backpack could very well be perfect for you.

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2. AmazonBasics Sports Backpack (Best for durability)

Coming up at number two on our list of backpacks with water bottle holder is another Amazon product. As the name implies, it was created primarily for sports. It guarantees perfect support for your “on-the-move” lifestyle. It has two mesh-style side pockets for keeping water bottles. Alongside those, this backpack packs a load of interesting qualities too.

To begin with, the backpack is highly durable. In this regard, you can compare it to a Patagonia backpack with water bottle holder. 

In addition to this, it has multiple pockets, useful for different things. Among others, there’s the pocket at the bottom for shoes, and a smaller pocket for your mobile phone. All these come in handy when you need something to help you organize your belongings properly. At the top of all its features is the one-year warranty. 

Product SpecificationsDimensions: 0.7 x 14 inchesMaterial: PolyesterWarranty: One year



Final Thoughts

If you are a sportsperson looking for a backpack that can help you carry around your water bottle, this is an excellent choice. It has just the right amounts of space for you alongside multiple compartments. These help you to enjoy hands-free movement while being physically active.

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3. Nike Vapor Power Graphic Training Backpack (Best versatile)

Considering that this model is from Nike, there really should not be much for you to worry about. This is largely so because Nike guarantees quality and efficiency in all their products. Among others, that is why the Nike Vapor Power Graphic Training Backpack is on our list today.

For starters, the backpack features a pair of water bottle holders. They aren’t mesh-style. As such, it’s safe to say that they might be more durable than the regular. With a sleek, working design, this model has a very spacious main compartment and a laptop sleeve. This makes it perfect for school, hiking, short travel, etc.

In addition to these, the backpack also comes with a compartment for your shoes. This is great if you need a place that separates your clean belongings from the dirty ones. To cap it all off, the bag provides comfort with its padded back panel and shoulder straps. 

Product SpecificationsDimensions: 20 x 14 inchesMaterial: 70% Nylon & 30% Polyester



Final Thoughts

With two pockets on the side for water bottles alongside all its other features, Nike has done well with this one. As long as you don’t mind the size, this backpack should serve you excellently.

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4. Travelon Anti-theft Classic Backpack (Best for security)

This backpack is number four on our list, and it is here for good reasons. It has a well-constructed pocket on the side that can accommodate up to 1L capacity bottles. However, that is not all it has to offer. With all its features combined, it has the potential to be the best travel backpack with a water bottle holder. 

For starters, the look is soft on the eyes, never once throwing too much information at you. However, on the inside, there are multiple organizational compartments. This makes it great for travel.

Perhaps, the most peculiar things about this backpack are its antitheft qualities. It has slash-resistant straps/bodies, pockets that block RFID, and locking compartments. With all these, this backpack might as well be the backpack version of Fort Knox.

Product SpecificationsDimensions: 0.7 x 14 inchesMaterial: Faux fur, polyester.



Final Thoughts

This is, by all means, one of the backpacks you can get for yourself. It provides you with enough security. So, you don’t have to obsess over your bag on a trip constantly. What’s more, is that the water bottle holder helps you stay hydrated throughout your journey.

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5. Amazon Basics Ultralight Portable Packable Day Pack (Best portable)

This backpack is another masterpiece from Amazon. It seamlessly blends functionality with a sleek design. It might not offer the same qualities of a backpack with a water bottle and straw, otherwise known as a hydro pack. However, it makes up for it with its two side pockets for keeping your water bottles. 


It is multifunctional and is very easily carried around. Alongside that, the backpack is packable. This means you can literally fold it into a little purse and put it into your traveling bag. This is very useful as it reduces the luggage you have to deal with at the airport. 

It has a 25-liter capacity. This means that it easily carries around your essentials as you go about your daily activities. It has different compartments, including a small zippered area for small items.

Product SpecificationsDimensions (packed): 2.2 x 6.06 x 9.13 inchesDimensions (unpacked): 17.5 x 7.5 x 11.5 inchesWeight: 9.92 pounces



Final Thoughts

This multifunctional backpack guarantees satisfaction, especially with its water bottle holders. If you are looking for a regular backpack to move a few things around, this should work fine.

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6. Jansport Huntington Backpack (Best water-resistant)

This bag is one of the best laptop backpacks with water bottle holders. It has space for your water bottle as well as fifteen inches of height for laptops. These qualities make the backpack great for everyday work life.

It has a well-padded back panel for comfort as well as S-shaped shoulder straps. In addition, it has two spacious main compartments and a lot of organizing potential for your luggage. The backpack has a lifetime warranty to top it all.

Product SpecificationsDimensions: 12.99 x 9.84 x 16.93 inchesWeight: 4 ounces



Final Thoughts

The major advantage you have with this laptop is that you get to carry your laptop around with ease. If you are the kind who needs that feature, this is perfect for you.

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7. Adidas Stadium II Backpack (Best sports backpack)

This is the final addition to our list of backpacks with water bottle holders. It has two side pockets for keeping your water bottle. 

The backpack is great for sports with a compartment for a ball, among others. Additionally, it is water-resistant and highly durable. Its back panel and shoulder straps are well-padded for comfort. One of the best parts is that the material is breathable.

Product SpecificationsDimensions: 0.7 x 14 inchesWarranty: LifetimeMaterial: Polyester



Final Thoughts

This backpack holds a lot of luggage, and it is perfect if you are an athlete. With its water bottle side compartments and its other features, there’s really not much else you want from this backpack.

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8. Mountain Mike Hiking Gear Backpack Water Bottle Holder

This is more of a bonus product. It is a great choice for you if you already have a backpack that you can’t dump for a new one. This product, once fastened to your backpack, can hold 1L capacity water bottles for you.

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How do you choose the best backpack with a water bottle side compartment?

Ultimately, you’re here because you want a backpack with a side compartment for keeping your water bottle. However, we doubt you would go through all that trouble to get an xx-liter backpack so you can put some water in it. As such, beyond the water bottle compartment, you need to look further. To pick out the best water bottle backpack, here are two important things that you should do:

1. Consider the purpose of the backpack

Above all else, the reason you want a backpack will go a long way in determining what to expect from the backpack. In that case, if you’ll be picking the best backpack for you, you must know its purpose. Among other things, it will help you to determine the backpack’s size, style, and level of comfort. There are four broad categories in this regard.

a. Hiking

This isn’t a universal reason that is applicable to everyone. However, it is still pretty common. As a hiker looking to stay hydrated, you can’t merely go for any backpack you see with pockets on the sides. To serve you properly, your backpack must be the appropriate size. This would be determined by how long you will be spending outside. You need to be especially considerate of the number of compartments it provides to store cooking pots, blankets, etc. if you will be camping.

Apart from that, you should keep in mind that you might have to forfeit a few things. Firstly, since you will be on your feet most of the time, you can’t choose looks or sleekness over comfort. Additionally, you should ensure that your pack has a proper suspension system. Your outer pockets should not be unnervingly out of reach, too.

b. Travelling

Now, the travelling backpack’s requirements are slightly different from those of a hiking backpack. This is so because unlike hiking, travelling does not exactly require you to be on your feet all day. For the better part of the journey, you’ll be seated in a car, train, boat, plane, etc. 

If you’re getting a bag to travel ensure that alongside a water bottle pocket, it has front pockets. This will make it a lot easier to pull out your passport and other essentials when you’re going through the airport. Additionally, your travelling backpack should have enough compartments. These would help you organize your things properly. 

One of the main things you should look out for is a laptop compartment. Of course, this is only important if you have a laptop. Nevertheless, a laptop compartment helps in distributing the backpack’s weight evenly. Alongside that, it protects your laptop. Thankfully, you can find these features, and a few more, in minimalist backpacks with water bottle holders.

c. Schooling

If the bag’s purpose is to carry around your school things, the pressure isn’t much then. Simply ensure that it is comfortable. Its shoulder straps should be three fingers wide, and the back should be well-padded. In addition to that, it should have a laptop pocket. Even if you are not carrying around a laptop, it will be useful for keeping your heavy textbooks.

d. Sporting

If your backpack is for sports, you’ll have to keep one major thing in mind – size. It should not be too big. The reason is that you merely want something to transport a few gym essentials. Maybe a pair of boots or two, a few shorts, etc. As such, your backpack should be compact and functional. Going for something unnecessarily large will only lead to discomfort.

2. Figure out what other functions you want

Now, alongside a water bottle holder, you might want a few additional features. Thanks to our ever-changing world, things are constantly improving. Now, people have turned backpacks into more than just book carriers. Some backpacks offer you a solar panel. Others have a USB port for charging. Some other backpacks come with rollers. These help to take the weight off of your shoulders occasionally. Depending on where you’ll be taking your backpack, these features could come in handy. For example, a backpack with a solar panel and a USB charging point would be great if you will be stuck outdoors for a while. So, when choosing a backpack, look out for additional features you might need as well.


All these factors are important in determining whether you should make the purchase or not. However, above all of them is your health. Even if it has a water bottle holder, packing your bag wrongly can have adverse effects on your back. Thus, you should always ensure that your backpack is not heavier than 10%-20% of your total body weight. If your backpack’s large size would tempt you to pack more than you should, you might want to go for something more compact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How often should you wash a backpack with a water bottle pocket?

You can wash it just as many times as you would wash a regular backpack. Regular backpack washing frequency ranges from once to thrice a year. What you need to guard against is excessively scrubbing the water bottle side pocket. You need to exercise caution here because, sometimes, the side pockets are more delicate than the rest of the bag.

Q2: How do you attach a water bottle holder to a backpack?

The methods of attachment differ from one brand to another. You can simply read the instruction manual to get a proper hang of it. In the same vein, if you choose to create a personal water bottle holder, you are completely in charge of its “installation method.” Nevertheless, attaching the water bottle holder we mentioned earlier to your backpack is quite simple. You merely have to clip in the side buckle around the shoulder straps and voila! You have yourself a good ol’ water bottle holder. 

Q3: Are backpacks with water bottle compartments good for your back?

Truthfully, putting a full bottle of water in your backpack increases the weight. This is especially because you can carry upwards of one liter of water with you. Nevertheless, the location of the bottle pockets on the side actually helps to distribute the weight appropriately. This helps to reduce the damage it can do to your back. Additionally, as long as the water bottle does not tip the scales drastically, you’ll be fine.

In conclusion

If you are going to be on the move, you need to keep a bottle of water with you. It helps you stay hydrated, and if a friend needs a drink, it can come in handy. From this article, we’re sure that you must now know which backpacks with water bottle holders are best for you.

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