What Size of Pottery Barn Backpack is Best for Kindergartens

What Size of Pottery Barn Backpack is Best for Kindergartens

The holidays are over, we are pretty sure that the toddlers can’t wait to go back to school or start school. You’ve gathered everything they need from their school supplies to shoes and lunchboxes. But wait, your kids don’t have backpacks!

You begin to look for the best type to get. In a moment of quick thinking, you remember how adorable the Pottery Barn backpacks you saw in the store looked. You decide to get them for your toddlers, but then another challenge surfaces. What size of Pottery Barn backpacks is for kindergarteners?

There are a few sizes including mini, small, and large in Pottery Barn backpacks category . The mini or small type will be best suited for your child if they don’t have much to carry to school. However, we think the large type is perhaps the best size of backpack for kindergarten students.

If you are unsure and a little lost, then here are some useful tips that will help you decide what size of Pottery Barn Backpack is best for kindergartens.

Things to consider when getting a Pottery Barn backpack for kindergarten

1. Design, Style, and Color

Pottery Barn backpacks are colorful with beautiful designs, and a backpack’s visual aspect is definitely one of he top priorities for most kids. If the backpack has a couple of cartoon characters that they like to watch on TV, then best believe that they’ll pick those backpacks over others. So, if you have to, bring your child along so he or she can choose the one that they’ll love. Not everything that looks cute will go down well with your toddler.

Wildkin 40078, Plane & Trucks Backpack, Pack 'n Snack, Planes, Trains and Trucks

Source: Amazon

The same should be of the color of Pottery Barn backpack you want to get for your child. While still in kindergarten, pink, blue, purple, green, and white will likely be their favorite. So, stick to this list of colors when getting one.

2. Purpose and Expected Usage Time

The design and color of your Pottery Barn backpack are important, but don’t forget why you are getting one in the first place. You’ll like one that’ll last for their entire stay in kindergarten so that you don’t have to change bags too often. 

John Deere Boys' Tractor Toddler Backpack, Lime Green

Source: Amazon

In the same vein, the backpack should also be easy to wash and clean because kids will definitely mess them up. 

3. Comfort and Strength

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Source: Amazon

It is also essential that the backpack you get for your child is exceptionally comfortable for them. You wouldn’t want your child to have one too big that’ll make them feel like they’ll tip over when wearing their backpack. The one you go for should have durable straps to carry the weight of all the things you want to put in it. 

4. Warranty

The Pottery Barn backpack warranty is also another thing to consider when getting one for your toddler. As children, they could damage or spoil some of their backpack’s components, so you should know if there’s a warranty on the product or not.

Cute Kids Toddler Backpack Dino Scandinavian Style Children Bag

Source: Amazon

Most Pottery Barn products are returnable within 30 days.

5. Number of Compartments and Additional Features

A small backpack with only one compartment means you have to put everything there. Why go for a backpack like this when you can get one that’ll have many compartments for their lunchbox, books, and play toys?

Spider-Man 5-Piece Backpack Set - red/black, one size

Source: Amazon

You know how excited your kiddo will be if their name is on their backpack, so give them a treat with such Pottery Barn backpacks.

Pottery Barn Backpack sizes

Now that you’ve seen all the things you need to look out for in a Pottery Barn backpack, here are the differences in their sizes:

1. Mini Backpacks

Mini backpacks look cute on your toddler’s back. Since your kids are in kindergarten, they won’t have lots of folders and books. A lunch box, a couple of toys, and a blanket can fit into these bags comfortably. Here are some of the specifications of this type of Pottery Barn Backpacks:

2. Small Backpacks

A Pottery Barn small backpack is just as nice as all other sizes. In this category, you can fit folders, lunch boxes, a water bottle, and toys because they are slightly bigger than mini backpacks. 

Some specifications for small Pottery Barn backpacks are:

3. Large Backpacks

The final size in the category is the Large Pottery Barn Backpack. It is very spacious and can fit several books, folders, and a large-sized lunch box at a time. It is one of the best sizes of backpacks for a growing child. 

Now, let’s go through some of its features.

Most Pottery Barn backpacks like the Mackenzie Aqua Unicorn Backpack and Blue Skateboard backpack come in all three sizes.

How to clean a Pottery Barn backpack

Here are the cleaning steps to follow if your kid messes up their bags in school.

  1. Pre-treat all stains: Before you throw the bag into the washing machine, you should pre-heat any stain you see on it. A stain remover like OxyClean can do the magic for you. You may also need to keep the backpack soaked for some hours. 
  2. Wash in the washing machine: After pre-heating, the next thing to do is to wash the backpack. The trick is not to use a lot of detergent at once, because the Pottery Barn backpack’s color may fade. It would be best if you also put in a couple of towels to balance your washing machine out. 
  3. Double rinse and air dry: You wouldn’t want your kiddo to go around smelling like soap, so make sure you give their backpack a good rinse. If it’s not summertime, then you should also air dry it properly. 

In conclusion

Pottery Barn makes fantastic products. Their backpacks for kids are very colorful and will stand the test of time. But there are so many of them to select from that getting the correct one for your child can be challenging. All of the backpacks seem to be the perfect size!

If you ask us what size of Pottery Barn backpack is for kindergarten, we’ll recommend the large ones. You can use it for several years and put so many things in it. However, if your child has a smaller body frame, the other two types (small and mini) might be perfect for them.

Go with whatever size you think best suits your kid.